Thursday, October 15, 2009

Survivor/Amazing Race Recap & Thoughts - October 15, 2009

This week’s Survivor had the cast members getting absolutely pounded with rain. 48 hours straight of rain and by the looks of next week, it isn’t going to let up. Recapping last week, Yasmin was sent home from Galu after they lost their first immunity challenge. Russell S did not want to send Yamin home as he felt that she was strong in challenges but the consensus won over and Yasmin was sent packing. Tonight, the tribes battled in a reward challenge which was a food challenge. The horrible food was mixed up blender style and everyone had drank their glass coming down to a tie going into the last round between Ashley for Foa Foa and Dave for Galu. Dave got his down but the noises that he was making messed with Ashley. As he got done, he continued to taunt her from the sidelines and Ashley was not able to drink it all. That gave the win to Galu. The winning tribe had to send someone to the other tribe to spy once again. Russell S sent Shambo once again meaning that she would not get to take part in the reward which was the Survivor BBQ. Shambo spoke up saying that it was unfair to send her again saying that she had done her time. Russell basically punished her for losing the chicken on last week’s episode. Shambo once again bonded with the Foa Foa tribe and shared the hidden immunity idol clue with everyone. She figured out that it was in the certain tree and realized that someone had to have it already. Liz called out Russell H on it saying that she thought he had it. That put a target on her from Russell and he is already saying that he has to get rid of her cause of her similar style of gameplay. Over at Galu, Russell S was unable to get the fire started to get the BBQ rolling. Dave spoke up frustrated about the fire and not being asked for help. He eventually apologized realizing that he didn’t need to put a target on his back and got the fire going. The rains moved in big time and the immunity challenge took place in the rain. Ashley did not perform well in the immunity challenge either. Galu won their second straight immunity challenge despite a great effort from Liz. The rain then messed up even strategizing as no one could even get out and roam to make plays on who to vote out. Everyone was stuck together and just decided that they would vote for whoever. Well, that turned out to be Ashley. She was voted out on a five to one vote with her being the only one against and she voted for Liz. Bad too that the people that she said that she trusted the most voted against her too. Not so much in Russell H but that Natalie voted her out too. All I can say is that rain looks absolutely miserable!!!!!

Moving on to this week's Amazing Race. Wow, talk about an all over the place set of emotions for one team. Zev and Justin's race could not have been more dramatic. The leg of the race started with them being stuck on standby for a flight that every team was on except for them and Lance and Keri. Both teams were able to make the flight with all of the other teams and avoid the disaster of being two hours behind that quickly. Zev and Justin were able to overcome and get into first place midway through the leg. They were passed by Sam and Dan at the last task. However, Zev and Justin made it to the mat first and went from last to first. This is when things went badly wrong for them. After checking in, they realized that Justin's passport was missing. You can't compete without it. So, they went to Phil and he told them that they would have to find the passport or be eliminated from the race. The last team to arrive was Maria and Tiffany. However, Zev and Justin had left to go and try the impossible task of finding the missing passport when they called their taxi driver back. Maria and Tiffany were informed that they were last but that a team had lost a passport. They are in the race while Zev and Justin were out. They eventually returned with no such luck on finding the passport and were eliminated from the race. Standings at this point: 1. Sam and Dan. 2. Flight Time and Big Easy. 3. Brian and Ericka. 4. Gary and Matt. 5. Meghan and Cheyne. 6. Lance and Keri. 7. Mika and Canaan. 8. Maria and Tiffany.

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