Thursday, October 22, 2009

Survivor Samoa Thoughts - October 22, 2009

What a miserable time for the cast of Survivor. Wow, they just can’t get the rain to stop!! It is unreal with how miserable that it looks out there. The conditions took someone from the game during the reward challenge. Jeff Probst announced that the tribes would battle for a reward of pizza but that both tribes would have to go to tribal council regardless. The winner would eat pizza while watching the other’s tribal council. That gets us to Russell S who had been working himself hard even while the rain was going on. He could have sat out of the challenge but decided that he would do it. Exhaustion kicked in during the challenge which was had the cast members blindfolded. Russell blacked out and Jeff stopped the challenge calling for medical. Russell was checked on and Jeff called off the challenge knowing that Russell was in bad shape. Since the challenge wasn’t completed, Jeff sent the tribes back without a winner and neither getting to take part in reward. Jeff stayed with Russell and the medical team. His heart rate dropped dramatically in a few minutes. When they sat him up again, he again blacked out. It was scary!! He was alert again after they had laid him back down. Russell was pulled from the game with Jeff explaining to him that he had blacked out twice and his heart rate and blood pressure was an issue. Russell, of course, took it hard. There was a lot more rain during the time between the challenge and tribal council. That could not look more miserable!! Both tribes showed up to tribal council where it was announced that Russell was out of the game. Jeff spoke saying that it was the scariest moment that he had had since being on Survivor. Wouldn’t you know that it rained once again during tribal council. Jeff announced that nobody would be voted out but Galu was already hurting having lost their leader. They were told that they would have to name a new leader after returning to camp. Really tough to see Russell have to leave the game like that. He has been such a strong competitor. Just goes to show that the conditions can wear down even the ones that appear the strongest. This season provided yet another Survivor first. The first time that a challenge would not be completed. This is a tough season. This is one of those moments where TV can’t do something justice with showing the conditions. That is scary cause the rain looks miserable just how they are capturing it on TV. I can’t even imagine how bad it must be to experience first hand. I was like them tonight with smiling when I saw the sun and rainbow show up when they got a break from the rain. Unfortunately, it didn’t last.

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