Thursday, October 15, 2009

Storm Chasers Set To Return On Discovery Channel This Sunday Night

One of my TV addictions returns for its new season this Sunday night on Discovery Channel. Storm Chasers!!! This is a TV show obsession of mine!! I’ll even watch the episodes over again if I see the show on. I’ve always been very intrigued with storm chasing and have been hooked on this show since it first premiered. Lots of fun to watch the crews in action and the different styles that they have in storm chasing. Reed already gave a tease of some BIG things to come for them this season back in the spring when they were filming the episodes. Major happening for Reed and his crew this season so tune in!! The season premiere is this Sunday, October 18 at 9pm central time on Discovery Channel. Tune in at 7pm central time for a two hour Storm Chasers Greatest Storms show. Here is the link for more info on Storm Chasers followed by a preview for this season:

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