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HIMYM, Survivor, Amazing Race Premiere, Seinfeld Reunion, & More - October 4, 2009

Monday night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother had such a fun and simple storyline that I loved. What happens when you go on a blind date and then end up on a blind date again years later with the same person? The twist is that you don’t remember going on a date before and how it went wrong. That was the scenario for Ted as he and his date for the night, played by Lindsay Sloane who was awesome by the way in this episode, finally realized during their meal that they knew each other. So, they just confided in each other to figure out what went wrong for the other during their original date to give each other clues on what they need to work on about themselves. The episode featured a lot of cool effects flashing back on their date seven years earlier. Anyway, just wanted to comment on how much that I loved the episode.

Reports this week from several media outlets that Rachel Bilson will be guest starring on How I Met Your Mother later this season. Could we be getting closer to finding out who the mother is going to be? TV Guide speculated on it getting a quote from the show’s creator about Bilson’s guest starring role on the 100th episode. I’m excited to see Rachel appearing on the show. I enjoy her acting roles and I thought she was a nice addition to Chuck when she had a guest starring role on there for a few episodes.

This week’s Smallville saw Metallo brought out full force and ready to take on Clark. Solid episode. At first, I was thinking how lame that it was how he went down without a fight. The fight wasn’t over though but Clark was still able to save the day. I like the interaction of Clark and Chloe where she is really all over him upset wanting for him to decide what he wanted to do with either being Clark or going to his Kryptonian side. Later, you could see that she appeared to be hurt that he was confiding in Lois but not in her. Clark Kent is back after he realized that he can’t not let his human side be a part of him. Solid episode.

Moving on to Survivor. Ben’s clashing with the tribe was a major focus of the episode. Russell told Ben that Ashley was the one that had been gunning for him. This led to a confrontation with Ben going after Ashley. Of course, Russell is just stirring things up again. The immunity challenge was once again won by Galu. Isn’t it funny how members of Foa Foa was talking so much trash on that first episode but yet they now are in a major losing streak and complete disarray? With the win, Russell (Galu leader Russell) was able to choose one of his own to go over to Foa Foa. He chose Shambo and she hit it off with mostly everyone big time at Foa Foa. I think she is in excellent position if the tribes get shaken up soon. Russell also chose the reward of comfort over function to please the women. I can’t remember who made the point but the truth was that with the tarp, they could have stayed dry. When it rains, all the comfort stuff is going to be soaked and miserable. Jaison was targeting Ben for being voted out especially upset over the comments that Ben made last week to Yasmin. Jaison did some major bargaining to assure that Ben would go home including him saying that he would go home if Ben didn’t. Russell wanted Ben to stay but chose to pick his battles and went with the group this time. We did have a back and forth exchange between Ben and Jaison at tribal council and Ben was voted out getting six out of seven votes.

90210 and Melrose Place. Starting with 90210. The most interesting thing for me in this episode, to no surprise, was the stuff with Annie meeting the nephew of the victim of the hit and run. It turned out that the victim was a former student at the school and had donated $100,000 to the school. He is giving off vibes of that he doesn’t understand why Annie is showing so many emotions over it. I’m thinking that he is beginning to get a clue that she knows something. Yeah, Jane’s debut on the new Melrose Place was a LOT of fun this week. It sure didn’t take her long to start negotiating with scare tactics. She became the new landlord taking over for her sister, Sydney. She already knew about everyone based on what Sydney had told her. So, she was looking to make some lives miserable for some payback. She had a lot on Ella so she used Ella to have one of her clients wear a Jane Andrews dress. However, that gets a Mancini involved as it always does. David found out from Ella about what Jane’s threats were and then found himself battling against Jane to see who could dig up more dirt on the other. Yeah, Jane has a lot of baggage and I’m sure David knows a LOT of that from his dad. Jane did make a threat at Ella to end the episode hoping that it was all worth it with what Ella had done. I liked the stuff with Violet in this episode. She got a visit from the cops to begin the episode and then took off out of the window. She ended up on the run and found Jane. Jane looked to be on her side including Violet introducing herself as Sydney’s daughter. Jane called and turned her in. Riley was the one to post the bond to get her out of jail and Violet stayed with her and Jonah. Jonah wasn’t for this at all as he is completely convinced that something is going on with Violet. This provided for some funny scenes and interaction between the three. I thought the funniest was him not wanting to touch the food that Violet had made for everyone later. News is getting around that she is Sydney’s daughter but she is telling a much different story on the mood of Sydney’s upon finding out about her.

The new Amazing Race is off and running. Just thought I’d give some random comments on the two hour premiere. Wow, that twist of having the teams competing to even get to start the race was a nice twist. One team was eliminated before it even began. That team was Eric and Lisa who were out of the race just like that. It should be pointed out that teams were freaking out in that task to make sure they’d get to compete. I was just kind of “ehh” to the Japanese game show task. Meghan and Cheyne were the first at the pit stop while Maria and Tiffany arrived last. Non elimination leg of the race so they got to continue into hour two of the episode. Maria and Tiffany are an interesting pair to follow so far. They are poker players but decided not to tell anyone because they feel that people wouldn’t want to team with them if they knew that they were money makers. So, they told everyone the lie that they worked for a homeless shelter. The problem with that is that the secret is already out. They were recognized at the airport and teams are already getting word around to one another. Maria and Tiffany did have a speed bump to complete in the second leg of the race. They were able to come back and stay right in the middle of the race. The duck task was fun to watch as I can imagine that being incredibly frustrating. Eliminated were Garrett and Jessica. It came down to a battle between them and Brian and Ericka to remain in the race.

I liked this week’s episode of FlashForward more than the premiere. The investigation continues to find out who the person was that was walking around the ballpark while everyone else was blacked out. It led to an explosive confrontation with what appeared to be D Gibbons, who has involvement in this blackout. The worse part on that was for Demitri was when he ran into another woman who also did not have a vision. He goes from having something in common with someone to then seeing her shot and killed. Then, he gets the call that he will be murdered on March 15, 2010 from a woman that got a vision that included him. I’ve been saying all along that I want to know more of what the little girl saw. Well, she had no vision of the father in the hospital that ends up with Olivia. However, she had a vision of the little boy. This is an interesting show.

The Seinfeld cast is reuniting on Curb Your Enthusiasm. I read a really good cover story article on the reunion in a recent Entertainment Weekly. Basically they will be appearing in multiple episodes with the story being them shooting a reunion of the Seinfeld show. The set has even been reconstructed. I’m a huge Seinfeld fan so this is very exciting. The idea of the story sounds fun. For a preview, head over to the Curb Your Enthusiasm site:

Conan O’Brien had an accident on his show last week and a rerun was put in its place for Friday night. He and Teri Hatcher were doing a triathlon for the show and then Conan fell and hit his head. He was taken to the hospital afterwards. Glad to see that he is ok!! Here is the video clip if you haven’t seen it.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs - $25 million. 2. Surrogates - $14.9 million. 3. Fame - $10 million. 4. The Informant - $6.6 million. 5. Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself - $4.7 million. 6. Pandorum - $4.4 million. 7. Love Happens - $4.3 million. 8. Jennifer’s Body - $3.6 million. 9. 9 - $2.9 million. 10. Inglourious Ba****** - $2.6 million.

So, Rio de Janeiro got the Summer Olympic games for 2016? What a bummer!! I was hoping that Chicago would get it obviously. I was already thinking that I might have to plan a trip to Chicago and get to experience an Olympic games in person. That would have been a dream come true. I was surprised, like everyone else, that it wasn’t even a close vote either.

Well, what do you know? Sawyer was in a music video. I’m talking about Lost’s Josh Holloway. I was watching some old music videos over the weekend and there he was in Aerosmith’s music video for “Cryin”. The video has always been famous for Alicia Silverstone’s appearance in it. If you wonder where he is in the video, he is the guy that runs out of a diner after he stole her purse. He then ends up taking a knockout kick from her. I just thought that was hilarious that I noticed him in it and he doesn’t look a lot different either from season one of Lost especially with this music video being made in 1993. That is a classic video by the way!! Loved it immediately.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, October 6. Ally McBeal (Season One), Bones (Season Four), Get Smart (Season Four), The Hills (Season Five – Part One), The Mary Tyler Moore Show (Season Five), Medium (Season Five), Mister Ed (Season One), Nip/Tuck (Season Five – Part Two).

TV Lines Of The Week:
From How I Met Your Mother. Ted and Jen talking about coming to the realization that they had been on a date before seven years earlier.
Ted: “Oh my gosh. Do you realize what this means? Since our last date, we’ve done a complete lap of all the single people in New York only to end up back here with each other.”
Jen: “We’re going to die alone, aren’t we?”

From The Big Bang Theory:
“Interesting. You’re afraid of insects and women. Ladybugs must leave you catatonic.” - Sheldon to Raj

Twitter Update Of The Week: Julie Benz. Sounds like Julie Benz is an early fan of FlashForward as well.
@juliebenz “What I meant by Flashforward being scary- In a creepy good intense way...Like Lost! Soooo intense!!!! Makes my heart pound! Love it!!

You Tube Video Of The Week: Needing a catchup on The Big Bang Theory? Here is an excellent recap of some of the happenings of season two.

Wishing you all a great rest of the weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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