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Jay Leno Premiere, 90210/Melrose, Miscellaneous Notes, & More - September 17, 2009

I’m sad to hear of the passing of Patrick Swayze. He put up a big time fight against cancer. My favorite movie of his will always be Dirty Dancing. I remember seeing that movie at the theatre and I still watch it sometimes when I see it on TV. I’ve always loved that movie. Great to see all the tributes to him this week.

It’s finally time for the season premieres of The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. Both premiere this Monday night, September 21 on CBS. Don’t forget about the time changes for both of them. How I Met Your Mother now leads off on Monday night at 7pm central time. Big Bang Theory is now on at 8:30pm. What happens with Barney and Robin? What happened with the summer trip for the Big Bang Theory guys and what about Penny who was not wanting Leonard to go?

I watched the premiere episode of The Jay Leno Show. I really enjoyed it. Very little different between this show and The Tonight Show. The set is some different but there are parts of it that look very much like the old set. Kevin Eubanks and the "Primetime" band have stayed and are performing on the show. Jay is still doing all of the same segments that have been loved over the years. Headlines were shown on Monday night. The desk is gone and he now just has chairs when interviewing guests. His first guest on Monday night was Jerry Seinfeld. Really fun segment. Jerry mentioned how they did this big farewell for Jay and he joked about how it was done in the 90’s with farewells which meant that you were gone instead of coming back three months later. Great first guest which also included a funny moment with having Oprah on the show via satellite being interviewed by Jerry. Overall, I really enjoyed his first show. I'll definitely be watching more of course.

I saw the trailer for the new Michael Jackson movie. Wow, does that thing look incredible??!! There is a two and a half minute trailer for it which includes behind the scenes footage of Michael preparing for the tour along with performance footage. So many vintage Michael dance moves in this thing that left you just thinking, wow, when watching it. The movie is going to be released in theatres for only two weeks. I am going to have to go and see this thing if it does play locally. I’m curious to see what kind of release it gets cause I wonder if it may be limited. The movie will be released on October 28. If you want to see the trailer or learn more info on the movie, head over to this link:

On to this week’s 90210. Much better than last week’s episode. The episode focused more on everyone this week. It seemed like it anyway with major focus also on Annie. We left off last week with the news that Naomi had grabbed the naked picture of Annie from Mark's phone and was ready to use it to ruin Annie. Annie learned from Mark that Naomi had a copy of it. Naomi is of course mad over thinking that Annie slept with Liam. However, Liam told Naomi that it wasn’t Annie but didn’t tell Naomi that it was her sister. Annie went to Liam to get his help to try and stop what was about to happen. She later confronted Naomi to plead her case once again. Naomi just wanted her to admit what she did and Annie changed her strategy and lied saying that she did sleep with Liam just to stop the picture from going out. Naomi started having second thoughts on Annie, but after talking to her sister, sent the picture out anyway. Annie arrived at school and found out that the picture was out. Her day got worse when she saw Navid’s interview with Teddy about how he had seen a hit and run while finding a body. Other happenings on the show had Silver still trying to reunite with Dixon but he wasn’t having any of it. The girls tried to keep her sidetracked from Dixon. Silver comforted Annie when everything broke loose but defended Naomi saying that there was no way that she would do such a thing as to release the photo. That didn't go over well with Annie since she knew the truth. I mentioned about Navid interviewing Teddy. It was for the West Beverly Blaze and Adrianna got the interview for him. It was an idea for a story which Navid didn’t want to do but was persuaded into it. He basically roasted Teddy in the interview. I really look forward to when the storyline turns with Annie and Naomi when Naomi realizes that Annie didn’t do what she thought.

Moving on to episode two of Melrose Place with a major story twist this week. I said last week that I thought there was more to Violet than just the sweet new girl that moved in. We got a major story twist when it was revealed that Violet is the daughter of Sydney. She had been tracking down Sydney for a while including her having DNA proof but Sydney wanted nothing to do with her saying that she never had a baby. Things are even stranger when we see Violet swimming in the pool looking very Sydney like. We’re getting to see more of Ella’s evil side and how she is going to be a major villain on this show including her continuing to get between and stir things up between Jonah and Riley while also going to whatever extremes possible to keep her job at work. Lauren is still selling herself for money to help with her medical school after Toby hooked her up with a friend of his. What about Auggie? Well, he definitely knows more about Sydney’s last night alive than he has said. We learned that the two of them met at an AA meeting years earlier. Auggie talks of how his girlfriend was killed basically because of an argument at a bar that he started with a guy and she got caught in the middle of it. Sydney helped him with his sobriety with the two having a relationship at one point. We learned that on the night of Sydney’s death that David had passed out when Auggie arrived. There was a struggle between Sydney and Auggie when he saw that she was using cocaine. He ended up getting stabbed by her in the struggle but that was all that we saw in the flashback. Auggie did also help Violet get a job at the restaurant that he was working at. Well, the twist of Violet being Sydney’s daughter was definitely the big capper on this fun second episode.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself - $23.4 million. 2. 9 - $10.7 million. 3. Inglourious Ba****** - $6.1 million. 4. All About Steve - $5.6 million. 5. The Final Destination - $5.5 million. 6. Sorority Row - $5 million. 7. Whiteout - $4.9 million. 8. District 9 - $3.5 million. 9. Gamer - $3.2 million. 10. Julie & Julia - $3.1 million.

Ok, I usually avoid these kind of celebrity topics but grow up Kanye West. That was one of the most classless acts that I’ve ever seen.

Just over one week away from the season premiere of Smallville.

Heroes premieres on Monday night on NBC at 7pm central time with a two hour premiere.

The Vampire Diaries premiered to big numbers last week on The CW. The show opened up with 4.9 million viewers making it the most watched premiere in the network’s history topping last year’s premiere of 90210.

Kevin Skinner was the winner of this season’s America’s Got Talent. Big congrats goes out to him!!

Carrie Underwood recently taped a CMT special in Nashville. The special was for “Invitation Only” which will air on CMT in December. She performed four new songs off of her album for the first time in front of an audience which included fan club members. I love how she takes care of the fan club members all the time and they got a big time deal with being able to attend that. She spoke to CMT Insider about the show and you can check it out at this link:

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, September 22. 30 Rock (Season Three), Castle (Season One), Friday The 13th: The Series (Season Three), Ghost Whisperer (Season Four), Law & Order: SVU (Year 10), The Mentalist (Season One), Star Trek (Season Two), Taxi (Season Four), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Season Two), Ugly Betty (Season Three).

You Tube Video Of The Week: Video in print advertising. Very wild!!! Bummer, I didn’t get one!!

Twitter Update Of The Week: Eliza Dushku
@elizadusku “just heard about Swayze. very sad. 'nobody puts Baby in the corner.' Rip”

Have a great and safe weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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