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Big Brother Week 6, Smallville, Miscellaneous Topics - August 21, 2009

Well, it’s such a shame that nothing of interest happened in the Big Brother house this week. Ok, I can’t even keep a straight face with that comment. What a week!! Last Thursday’s show finished with Chima’s HOH reign being turned upside down due to the Coup D’etat power being given to Jeff by America’s voting. Instead of Russell going out according to Chima’s plan, Jeff threw it all out and Jessie was sent home. Things got even worse for Chima and the gang when Michele won HOH. The eviction of Jessie sent Chima, Natalie, and Lydia into a meltdown. Kevin was aligned with them but thought that the Jessie mourning was a bit much including his funny line of them acting like he had been hit by a truck or something instead of being evicted from a reality TV show. Chima went after Jeff saying that he had broken his word to evict Russell. Jeff, Jordan, Russell, and Michele all pointed out how the other side of the house was melting down and saying how it was because they weren’t running things anymore. Russell went to Michele and apologized for his behavior with her previously. They ended up just coming to a peaceful resolution with neither actually trusting the other. LOL. Everyone was nervous to see who Michele would target. Imagine the look on Jeff, Jordan, and Russell’s faces when she revealed to them that Chima was her target for the week. Natalie did go and talk to Michele and Michele told her flat out that she had a target this week and she had a pawn. The nominations took place and Chima was put up on the block as the target with Natalie being the pawn. As you can imagine, this sent Chima over the edge. This became the big news of the week. Chima got fed up and felt that the show had messed her game up. She stopped taking orders from the producers on what to do. She has actually done this frequently this season but this week took it to a whole different level. Even Kevin, Lydia, and Natalie were trying to get her to chill out cause they were worried about the producers taking action against her. She wouldn’t put her mic on, exchange mics, go to the diary room, etc. She refused to go get her mic at one point and Kevin went to get it to try and make peace of the situation. He gave the mic to her and she hurled it across the yard into the pool. Oh yeah. Big no no from the producers. Damaging equipment is a bad thing. The other three knew there was going to be problems over this. Later on, Chima was called to the diary room and she was vocal back at them. This got a rarity from Big Brother as the main producer, Allison Grodner got on the mic calling her to the diary room. Chima did go and when she walked into the DR, you could hear Allison say “all right. No need to sit down. You’re gonna go out this way” and that was her eviction from the producers. The house started to realize that Chima might not be coming back. Allison called everyone into the living room where she revealed that Chima would not be returning to the game due to her not wanting to “follow the rules of the game.” That shocked the house and then Michele was later given the word that her HOH reign was over. Someone was evicted so it was time for a new HOH to be crowned. It came down to Jeff and Jordan for HOH and Jeff threw it so Jordan could have it. Enter Lydia’s meltdown. She completely lost it at this point and that alliance was crumbling like crazy. Lydia messed with Michele’s food and all getting rid of it. Lydia went to the diary room after all of it and just put her head in her hands showing her frustration. Jordan did put up Lydia and Natalie for eviction. Jordan told Natalie that she was a pawn and that her target was Lydia. Natalie told that news to Kevin but neither told Lydia. That got us to last night’s live show. We were shown footage of Natalie and Lydia finally coming to the realization that Jessie had played them against each other. Yeah, the Jessie love from both of them is officially over. Jeff walked in on a conversation between Russell and Michele. Russell had been saying to her that he and Jeff were even now and that he wanted to take Michele to the final two. Jeff didn’t hear this of course but this turned into the funny moment of the night. Kevin decided to try and stir up a lie to Jeff which ended up being the truth. I just thought it was hilarious that he was trying to stir up something that was a lie but yet the conversation had taken place. He told Jeff about Michele and Russell forming a final two alliance. Jeff did start getting doubts in his head about Russell. We then had the live veto competition which came down to Michele and Jordan. Jordan wins it on a tiebreaker but does not use the veto. The voting takes place with Russell, Michele, and Jeff voting out Lydia while Kevin voted out Natalie. 3-1 vote and Lydia is out of the house. Lydia was interviewed with her saying that Chima leaving really did mess up her game and the rest of the alliance. The HOH competition was taking place as the show ended. If you want to know who won, I’ll get to that in a minute with a spoiler alert warning.

Other thoughts on the Big Brother week. It just isn’t a Big Brother season without having someone having to wear a costume. We got a spin on the untiard this season with the Captain Unitard costume. Lydia made the best of the situation. Wasn’t Natalie trying to cover for Chima’s mic throw hilarious? She said that it fell out of her hand. Even Kevin was trying to get them to stop at that point. LOL. He said come on Natalie, they have 10,000 cameras in this place to know better. I can’t be the only one that can’t wait to see the jury house footage of Jessie and Lydia’s time together there. Yeah, I like Jeff and Jordan. I thought their “engagement” this week was a very fun segment where Russell basically called them on whether they would end up together. I have to say that this has been a very entertaining season of Big Brother so far. Lots of big happenings and personalities. It has been fun.

BIG BROTHER HOH WINNER SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! If you don’t want to know who the HOH competition, keep scrolling down and move on. When the live feeds returned, the HOH competition was over. So, it wasn’t seen on there. Jeff did win HOH for the week so it will be interesting to see who he targets this week. Did Kevin and Natalie get in his head about things? We shall see.

I’ve been saying this for a while now that Big Brother needs a two hour finale so we get more reunion type material. Well, CBS has announced that Big Brother will indeed get a two hour finale this year on Tuesday, September 15.

If you want to take a look at a preview of the season nine premiere of Smallville, here is the link to check it out: It shows some major happenings and has me excited for this season. We definitely get a preview of what Zod is going to be like while also including Clark’s search for Lois. I just laugh when I hear “kneel before Zod” because of everyone begging for that statement to be said at Comic-Con. LOL.

Speaking of Smallville, season eight is released on DVD this Tuesday, August 25. It will be available in both regular DVD and Blu-ray. I do love the box art by the way which features Clark and Lois. Extras include: deleted scenes, cast/creator commentaries, and featurettes including "Doomsday: The Making of a Monster"; and "In The Director's Chair: Behind The Lens and Calling The Shots with Allison Mack. I enjoyed the eighth season and look forward to having it soon.

Expect to see a lot of TV on DVD releases in the coming weeks. There will be a ton of them getting the most current seasons out in stores so you'll be ready for the new fall season. For some of you catching up on shows, expect to be light in the wallet. LOL.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. District 9 - $37.3 million. 2. G.I. Joe - $22.3 million. 3. The Time Traveler's Wife - $18.6 million. 4. Julie & Julia - $12 million. 5. G-Force - $6.9 million. 6. The Goods - $5.6 million. 7. Harry Potter - $5.1 million. 8. The Ugly Truth - $4.4 million. 9. Ponyo - $3.5 million. 10. Funny People - $3 million.

Ok, Whedonverse. Have you not seen the unaired episode of Dollhouse yet? Have you not picked up the box set? Well, you have another option. Amazon is now selling the unaired episode, "Epitaph One" in its store for $1.99. I've still yet to see this episode and I may go for this option as well. Check out this link for it:

I was wondering when the DVD release date was for Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen so I went searching for info. Amazon has the release date listed as October 20, 2009. Really enjoyed this movie and this is coming from a fan of the original series. Looking forward to seeing it again.

I've got to say that the TV show of 10 Things I Hate About You is growing on me. I watched the premiere and liked it. I haven't been able to catch another episode of it until this week which focused on everyone reacting to a widespread fire that had caused evacuations. Not much has changed since the premiere. Bianca is still trying to cling to the cheerleader but did have a nice moment in this episode where she called her out on some things. I liked how that story evolved. Kat and Patrick continue to grow closer. Cameron gets the yes from Bianca to hang out all night and talk until they get the order that all is fine and they're able to go back to their homes. That meant, ok, bye Cameron. Funny moment to close the episode. I like the show overall. It stays mostly true to the movie with some modifications to make it last over a series instead of wrapping in under two hours.

The new Dancing With The Stars cast has been named. Taking part this year will be: Michael Irvin (former NFL player), Natalie Coughlin (Olympic swimmer), Donny Osmond (entertainer), Mya (singer), Macy Gray (singer), Aaron Carter (singer), Melissa Joan Hart (actress), Debi Mazar (actress), Ashley Hamilton (actor and son of George Hamilton), Joanna Krupa (model), Kathy Ireland (model), Kelly Osbourne (reality star), Mark Dacascos (reality star), Chuck Liddell (MMA fighter), Louie Vito (snowboarder), Tom DeLay (former Republican Majority Leader). The new season premieres on September 21 on ABC.

James Marsters has been picked up to star in Caprica for a few episodes. The executive producer is no stranger to Marsters as it is Buffy's Jane Espenson. Caprica is the Battlestar Gallactica prequel that will air on Syfy in January.

One of my friends bought me a Buffy original novel. I’m looking forward to checking it out.

I’ve been seeing the promos for season two of 90210. It does look like there will be some interesting happenings for sure. I did notice that it appeared to show maybe some summer type happenings before school starts for the characters. That made me think back on season two of the original show when they used to start in the summer. Those summer episodes were great!!! I’m curious to see where they go for season two. The promos really did focus a lot on Naomi. Not crazy about that. I was hoping to get more on the Annie storyline but we’ll have to wait and see. Things obviously can’t go well for her.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, August 25. Californication (Season Two), Dog The Bounty Hunter (Best of Season Five), Here's Lucy (Season One), House (Season Five), Lie To Me (Season One), Life (Season Two), MonsterQuest (Season Three - Part One), NCIS (Season Six), One Tree Hill (Season Six), Samantha Who? (Season Two), Scrubs (Season Eight), Smallville (Season Eight), thirtysomething (Season One), The Untouchables (Season Three - Volume One), Wiseguy (Season One).

Twitter Update Of The Week: Kristen Bell
"listen. i fell asleep in a carwash recliner last weekend! but nobody printed that!"

You Tube Video Of The Week: Oh, that Felicia Day. Her and Jed Whedon paired up to produce this video for Felicia’s series, The Guild. Do You Wanna Date My Avatar went crazy on the internet this week going to #1 on iTunes and Amazon in a matter of hours. The best part is that it is independent content!! To fully understand the video, you’ll probably have to be familiar with her hit internet series, The Guild. Is this song the new “Let’s Go To The Mall” from How I Met Your Mother of songs that will get in your head and you’ll be singing all day? LOL. Fun spoof for sure.

Wishing everyone a great and safe weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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