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Comic-Con 2009 - Lost Panel Discussion & Q&A Recap - July 26, 2009

Here comes the first of the Comic-Con panel discussions and Q&A. I love the internet cause I wasn't even there but I can still recap it based on videos that attendees are posting.

LOST Panel At The San Diego Comic Con In CAThe panel for Lost provided a lot of fun while also answering questions…..well, they didn’t really answer many questions. LOL. I’m talking as far as them being secretive. I WANT them to stay secretive cause this is one show that I don’t want to know things about in advance. They did give us some answers to small questions. The panel started with the executive producers of Lost, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. Fittingly, they walked out to Europe’s “The Final Countdown”. They talked of it being their final Comic-Con with the show ending this coming season. They talked of how they are always asked if they have things planned out in advance or make it up as they go along? So, said how they were going to prove it. They had the final pages of Lost on them and said that they were going to lock the pages in a box and take it to an undisclosed location. They would take the box to Jimmy Kimmel Live the night of the finale and open the box then. They would then show the pages and it would be verbatim to what was shown in the finale. This played out throughout the panel discussion. LOST Panel At The San Diego Comic Con In CA
Later, Josh Holloway (Sawyer) was introduced to the crowd. He walks out and asks Lindelof if he knows what he has in his hand. Lindelof points out that it is a taser. He tasers Lindelof and pulls the key off of him to open up the box. Holloway then taunts Cuse asking him if he wants the same thing. Holloway then threatens to taser “your buddy JJ Abrams again” to which Cuse points out that it is actually Lindelof cause Abrams hasn’t worked on the show since season one. This was funny stuff. Holloway grabs Lindelof’s hand and puts it in his glass of water continuing to threaten with the taser. Cuse says ok and gets up. The box is opened and Holloway starts to read the script over. Holloway looks at it funny. Emerson then looks at him and says: “you don’t know how to read do you?” He gets up and grabs the paper with Holloway adding that “I left my glasses on the island.” Emerson then starts to read the paper which contains the scene: “Exterior: Circus tent. Night. The apex of the big top collapses in on itself as the tent burns like a fiery cauldron. As the flames light the night sky we find Sylar and Parkman standing side by side. Parkman’s head hangs in defeat. His eyes peer up at Sylar and says: Parkman, was Mohinder inside? It’s all on you now you know. You’re the last Petrelli.” He reads a bit more and then finishes the joke asking what this is? It was a nice finishing touch to the panel. If you don’t get the joke, it was characters from Heroes and being a Heroes fan as well, I got a nice laugh out of this crossover joke.

Here are some of the highlights of the Lost panel Q&A.
Question: There is talk that season six will have some similarities with season one. What does that entail and what does that mean?
Lindelof: "Obviously, for us, the biggest moment in the show’s life was when we were able to announce the show’s death. As soon as we were able to start working towards an end point, we wanted the show to feel like it was closing a loop in many ways so that the final season would feel a lot like the first season. I think on the surface of it that there’s a good chance that you’ll be seeing many characters that you haven’t seen since the first season again." (big applause from the audience)
Cuse: "I think that there was a certain kind of feel of, you know, they were running around in the jungle, things felt intense and surprising, and for us the emotional kind of discovery that went on as we learned about these characters in the first season and we feel like we have a way that we’re going to be doing that in the final season of the show that we like and hopefully you will to."
Lindelof: "It’s really our goal for you to watch the final season of the show and not know what we’re going to do next. That is one of the feelings from season one too. Hopefully, unpredictability is still in play."

Will season six contain any character flashbacks before 2004?
Cuse: "We are doing something different in season six. Each season of the show is like a book in the series much like the Harry Potter books. They tell the whole story but each book is its own story. Season six is something different. Time travel season is over. The flash forward season is over. We have something different planned so hopefully you will like it but we’re not going to commit to what exactly that is going to be here today."

Here comes some great comedy. Jorge Garcia surprises the crowd and steps up to the Q&A mic:
Producers: “You could have just called our office. You didn’t have to come all the way to Comic-Con to ask a question.”
Garcia: “I did call. You didn’t call me back.”
They are ready for his question.
Garcia: “The commercial that you made me do. Does that mean that what Jack did in the finale actually worked and then the plane never crashed because that would mean that the last five seasons were all wiped away and never happened. We all hope that is not the case cause that would be a real big cheat.”
Cuse: “Jorge, you just have to trust us.”
Lindelof: “We’ve gotten this far. We’re not going to specifically answer but just trust us.”
Garcia: “The last time that I trusted you guys, you said that Nikki and Paulo were going to be awesome.” (This got BIG laughs and I laughed hard at it too. Nice line)
Producers: “Ok, fair enough. This time for real with the trust. Any other questions?”
Garcia: “This is the last season, Everything is going to be answered?”
Lindelof: “Everything that matters will be answered.”
Garcia: “Like season one. Confidence Man. Sayid tortures Sawyer to get Shannon’s inhaler. Right? But Sawyer didn’t have the inhaler. So, what happened to the inhaler? We never found out. Are you going to tell us?”
Michael Emerson then walks up to the mic standing next to Garcia. “For crying out loud, Jorge. What happened to one question per person?”
LOST Panel At The San Diego Comic Con In CA
Garcia: “Michael, just take it easy for a minute. I’ve got a couple of things that I need to ask.”
Emerson: “By all means, we have about a half hour so I guess we can answer all of your inane questions.”
Garcia: “I need this. This is research to play my part.”
Emerson: “Oh, is that what you do? You play a part. I see. Like you transform yourself into a character. Is that it?”
Garcia: “Yeah, pretty much dude.”
Emerson: “I’m sorry. I had forgotten about the vast gulf between you and the character that you play……….dude."
Garcia: “Fine. You want a question go ahead. “
Emerson: “No, you go first and we’ll wait. Why should it be any different than it is on the set?”
Garcia: “All right, Emerson, do you want to dance? Let’s dance. Want to know the real reason why Michael is upset? The truth? The real reason. Michael over here originally wanted to play Hurley but the part was cast.”
Emerson: “Wow. That is soooo crazy. I think that everyone understands that I was offered a guest spot and then I became a series regular. A part that is written especially for me.”
Garcia: “Right, it was written for you as a consolation for you because you didn’t get Hurley”
Emerson: “What a sad fantasy. When would I ever stoop so low as to play a character as broad as Hurley.“
Garcia: “Well, I heard that you were pretty broad during your audition.”
Emerson: “So funny Jorge cause I never auditioned for your part.”
They then argue over whether he did. Hurley calls for the video. A funny video is shown of Emerson auditioning for Hurley which was great comedy.

Back to the fan questions as Garcia and Emerson joined the panel:
Question: When are we going to get our Richard Alpert flashback and is it going to be coincident to the Black Rock?
Lindelof. “That is a very, very, very good question. Next. (laughs).“
Cuse: “You will be seeing a lot of Richard. I think we would be incredilbly remised if we didn’t give you Richard’s backstory before the show ended.”
Lindelof: “As one might infer, Richard’s flashback is failry involved so you might be seeing that in the final season.”

Question: I cried like a sissy when Juliet fell and if there is any guy that tells you differently, they are lying to you, I promise. I need to know if she is ok and if she is not, can you make her ok?
Lindelof: “This all returns to whether or not her detonating the bomb had the desired effect. If it did, then my guess would be that she is ok. If it didn’t work, then prognosis not so great considering the fall. I think that we can say here that Elizabeth Mitchell will be in Lost in the final season.”

Question: Do you know who dropped the food in season two?
Garcia: “It comes from planes.” (laughs from the crowd)
Lindelof: “I think that might be something that we try to deal with in the final season of the show.”

Question: The Dhamra Intiaitive has been a big role since season two. How big of a role will it have in the final season?
Cuse: “Not as big of a role. We feel like we spent last year dealing a lot with the Dharma Intiaitive and we’re kind of moving on to some other stuff this year. You will not be seeing a ton of Dharma stuff this year.”

Some other notes. A yes or no question was asked with it being whether Jacob had appeared as another image besides himself to any of the Lost castaways and the answer was no. The producers did confirm that we would see Daniel Faraday next season but didn’t give us any clues as to how. Lots of people dressed as Hurley asking questions. A prize was given out for saying the secret word which turned out to be Claire. It was a statue of a bird that looked like the one that Claire put the note on and released early in the show’s run. The note was the actual note used in the show. A couple of comedians got up and provided some good comedy. One of them asked about the time paradox of how if the detonation worked then they would never have made it to the island. However, if they never made it to the island, they wouldn’t be there to detonate it in the first place. Then, he paused and started bleeding from the nose. He said “hold on, let me get my constant” and it drank out of a Dharma beer can. I thought that was funny. As it came to close, Cuse thanked everyone at Comic-Con saying that they had premiered the show there for the first time several years ago and it existed because of that. However, there was a nice surprise appearance at the end with Dominic Monaghan being introduced to the crowd. He got a big ovation as expected. The panel closed with the newer version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” song playing. So, there you go. We got a few answers. Just enough to get people talking and speculating.

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