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Big Brother 11 Premieres, Transformers DVD's, Carrie Underwood Album News, & More - July 9, 2009

Booyah!!!! So close!!!!! So close to having Jessica back in the Big Brother house for season eleven. Big Brother 11 premiered tonight with a fun opener and already had several twists. Overall thoughts so far. This group seems like it will be a fun cast. Good mix of personalities. The theme of this season is high school cliques. The houseguests were all brought in and then we had the scramble to get the best rooms. The “splish splash” room was the last to get picked. The houseguests did their usual introductions in the living room. We had a couple of them hiding some things about themselves. Natalie is trying to hide the fact that she is actually 24 telling everyone that she is 19. Her plan is to appear more na├»ve and clueless. Kevin has already said that he doesn’t believe it and thinks she is playing strategy with that saying she looks 25. He’s close. Michele is hiding the fact that she has a Ph.D. Everyone else was open from what I remember on who they were. The twist of the season was revealed with the high school cliques. Here is the deal. Everyone is still playing an individual game. However, they were put in groups. If you win HOH, the rest of your group can’t be nominated for eviction. The cliques were formed. Popular: Jordan, Braden, and Laura. Athletes: Natalie, Russell, and Jeff. Brains: Michele, Chima, and Ronnie. Off-beat: Lydia, Casey, and Kevin. That brought us to the HOH competition which was called “the wedgie”. Endurance challenge that involved the houseguests having to hang from a toilet seat and stay up in the air while also getting a wedgie. This was surprisingly not as silly as it sounds. LOL. Here comes another twist. The thirteenth houseguest was a surprise and not in the house at the time. The winner of the HOH competition will not be the actual HOH. The first HOH had yet to enter the house. It is revealed that four former Big Brother houseguests are poised to return to the house. Each of them will represent a different clique. The returning ones were Jessica (BB8 representing the Popular), Brian (BB10 representing the Brains), Jessie (BB10 representing the Athletes), and Cowboy (BB5 representing the Off-beat). Now, come on. You had to have known who I was cheering for here!!! Jessica is one of my favorite houseguests ever. I was ready to post on Twitter saying “Booyah, Jessica is back!!”. LOL. Interesting to see the video packages of each one. Nothing really new from any of them. Jessica did mention how falling for America’s Player was her demise in BB8. She talked of how she wouldn’t be looking at any distractions of hooking up or anything like that if she got to return to the house. I would have been happy with Jessica or Brian but didn’t want Cowboy back in the house and I’m just kind of indifferent to Jessie. The winner of the HOH competition wins for the group and also the returning houseguest gets to enter the house. The returning houseguest will be the actual first HOH. First two out were Michele and Ronnie for the Brains. Others then started dropping out as well. First group out was the Brains which eliminated Brian. Then, the Off-beat went out not long afterwards taking out Cowboy. That left the Popular group (Laura and Braden) against the Athletes (Russell and Natalie). Laura dropped out leaving Braden against the other two. Braden finally had to drop out and the Athletes won the first HOH which also means that Jessie returns to the Big Brother house. That was how the episode ended. Ok, time to give my first impressions on who I like. This is always interesting cause opinions can change over time or even week to week. ha ha. I like Ronnie, Michele, and Jordan. They seem likable. Russell and Natalie are going to rub some people wrong for sure. Natalie already was rubbing people wrong and it will be interesting to see how her age strategy plays out. When I first saw Laura, I thought she looked like Jen Johnson especially with her profile picture. Most of the group I just don’t know what to make of them yet. I haven’t seen enough of them. I am very optimistic about this season just based on this first episode. I thought it was one of the better premieres in recent years.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - $42.3 million. 2. Ice Age - $41.6 million. 3. Public Enemies - $25.2 million. 4. The Proposal - $12.8 million. 5. The Hangover - $11.2 million. 6. Up - $6.5 million. 7. My Sister’s Kepper - $5.7 million. 8. The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3 - $2.5 million. 9. Year One - $2.3 million. 10. Night At The Museum - $2 million.

If you’re a fan of the original Transformers series, this is a reminder for you about something I’ve discussed previously. This Tuesday, July 13 is the date for the release of the Matrix Of Leadership Collector’s Set complete series on DVD. You have to order it online at this link: The set includes 16 discs containing all 98 episodes including lots of bonus features including old Hasbro toy commercials, featurettes, scripts, a 60 page book, and more. The set runs $140 but includes free shipping. The set does look incredible and this is produced by Shout!. They are releasing the episodes as is and not editing and messing with them like Rhino was with their sets that they released years ago. I find myself liking the post movie episodes more than the earlier episodes. It just seemed like that was when the show just opened up more as far as possibilties going to different planets and all. Music was awesome for those episodes. Don’t get me wrong. I love the pre movie episodes as well.

Carrie Underwood’s third album will be released this November. A release date was announced this week which is going to be November 3. No name for it yet but I will be making a trip to pick up the album on that date. It appears that her first single from the new album will be released to radio in “late summer”.

The season premiere of Dollhouse has been pushed back one week and the new season will now premiere on September 25. The delay appears to be related to giving more production time. Don’t forget that season one will be released on DVD on July 28. It will contain the original pilot and one episode that never aired. If you’re going to Comic-Con, you can get it earlier and get it in a limited edition release. Only 5,000 Comic-Con exclusives will be released and you can only pick them up at Comic-Con. For more info on it, head over to this link:

30 Rock has a cable syndication deal. The show will begin airing on Comedy Central and also WGN America beginning in the fall of 2011.

ABC Family has launched their new show which is based off of the 1999 movie, 10 Things I Hate About You. The show follows the Stratford sisters but of course the cast is different. When I first heard about this, I just thought I don’t know about this idea. Making TV series based off of movies which also contains none of the original cast is really shaky a lot of times. Actually, that isn’t true. Larry Miller does return in his role as the dad of the Stratford sisters. I have not seen the pilot episode yet but do have it set to record for over the weekend cause curiosity just has me wanting to check it out. I loved the movie but I just don’t know about this TV series. Can it find an audience? We’ll see. Retro does equal success a lot of times.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, July 14. American Gladiators (Season One), Bewitched (Season Eight), ER (Season Eleven), Flash Gordon (Full Series), G.I.Joe (Season 1.1), Joe Schmo 2 (Full Series), Mad Men (Season Two), Peyton Place (Part Two), The State (Full Series), Tracey Takes On….(Season Three and Four), Wire In The Blood (Season Six).

You Tube Video Of the Week: A clip from tonight’s premiere of Big Brother 11.

Wishing you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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