Friday, July 3, 2009

Big Brother 11 Cast Revealed, Gloriana Video, MJ, & More - July 3, 2009

The cast for Big Brother 11 was named this week. I watched the houseguests interviews this past week on The Early Show and it has potential to be an interesting group. What you see in the preview videos and what you see on the show are often very different things so we’ll see. Here is the cast:
Braden: 28 year old male and is a model/actor.
Casey: 41 year old male and is a 5th grade teacher but a DJ at night.
Chima: 32 year old female and is a freelance journalist.
Jeff: 31 year old male and is an advertising salesman.
Jordan: 22 year old female and is a waitress.
Kevin: 19 year old male and is a graphic designer.
Laura: 21 year old female and is a bikini model.
Lydia: 24 year old female and is a makeup artist.
Michele: 27 year old female and is a neuroscientist.
Natalie: 24 year old female and is a Tae Kwon Do champion.
Ronnie: 30 year old male and is a student and also a video gamer.
Russell: 24 year old male who is a real estate broker and also a mixed martial artist.
The last houseguest is being kept a surprise. It sure is sounding like it will be a former houseguest returning. Who will it be? Let the speculation continue. Big Brother 11 premieres on Thursday, July 9. You can subscribe to the Big Brother live feed online as always. For more info, head over to:

The entertainment industry continues to discuss the passing of Michael Jackson. I was just amazed watching the rehearsal video of him that was released this week that showed him two days before passing away. Just incredible. There are rumors of releasing the concert on DVD which I would love to see. His albums are selling out everywhere. Michael Jackson was all over the iTunes best sellers list last week. Nielsen Soundscan released their numbers and he has the top three albums right now with Number Ones, Essential Michael Jackson, and then Thriller. Black Eyed Peas follow in fourth spot. 2.3 million digital downloads were sold and he became the first artist to ever sell a million tracks in one week. At one point last week on iTunes, Jackson had seven of the top ten most downloaded albums. On the singles chart, he had many songs throughout the top 20 list. On Amazon, the whole top ten albums were all Michael Jackson. The memorial service for Michael has been set up for the Staples Center in Los Angeles for Tuesday. E! is saying that they are going to carry it live and will also be streaming it. I was hoping that it would be at Neverland. My hope is that Neverland could be turned into a Graceland type place which would be a tribute to Michael. However, it doesn’t seem like we’re going that direction based on the news in recent days especially after the memorial service didn’t take place there. Maybe it will be but we’ll see.

I saw a behind the scenes featurette on the new ABC show, Flash Forward. It was shown before Transformers and I found it to be interesting. I would like to check the show out and thought that before even seeing this. This preview intrigued me even more in it. Just watching the stuff for the pilot has this big movie type feel for it kind of like what Lost was like with its two hour pilot episode.

The new Gloriana video for “The Way It Goes” has premiered. It is really good!!! One of the best edited videos that I have seen in a long time. It has such a unique style to it. The video basically follows them around on the tour showing them performing while also having fun. Really fun video!!

One thing going through my head during the twenty minutes of movie previews during Transformers this morning was please don’t show the new Harry Potter trailer. LOL. I just knew that they were going to do it but they didn’t. The reason I say don’t is because I’m working my way through seeing the Harry Potter movies now.

Back to my summer watching suggestions that you might want to check out. My next one is The Big Bang Theory. This is currently my favorite TV sitcom. I liked the concept of it when the first episode was being promoted. I checked it out and loved it immediately. The basic story of the show is that you have two different worlds living across the hall from each other in an apartment building. You have the “nerds”, Leonard and Sheldon, in one apartment and then a beautiful blonde named Penny moving in across the hall. The great comedy that has come out of these two worlds colliding has provided a lot of laughs. I laugh at this show more than anything else on TV. The cast is amazing and the writing is great as well. Kaley Cuoco needs so much credit for her acting in this show cause her comedic timing is hilarious. Each character brings something to the table. Sheldon always has something going on that drives the others crazy. Leonard has to put up with it while also dealing with his crush on Penny. Then, you have Leonard and Sheldon’s friends, Wolowitz and Raj. Wolowitz is constantly hitting on women and his skills at it aren’t very good. Ha ha. Then, you have Raj who can’t talk to women at all. Well, he unless he is…..ah, I’ll just let you watch and get that funny story. This is just a fun show. It’s a great mix of comedy and romance in it as well. You’ll find yourself cheering for characters and really getting invested into them. The Big Bang Theory airs on CBS but you can also pick it up on DVD. You can check out more on the show at this link:

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, July 7. Charlie Brown/Peanuts (1960’s Collection), Kath and Kim (Season One), Matlock (Season Three), Murder, She Wrote (Season Ten), Petticoat Junction (Season Two), Reno 911! (Season Six), Third Watch (Season Two).

You Tube Video Of The Week: Sticking with the Transformers stuff, here is Linkin Park’s music video which is featured in the new Transformers movie. The video is full of clips from the movie:

Twitter Update Of The Week:
@RyanSeacrest “Btw I can't be the only one that tweets from blackberry while I drive the car with my knees on the that bad?”

Wishing you a very happy and safe 4th of July weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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