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TV Guide's Top 100 Episodes Of All Time List, Network Premiere Dates, & More - June 18, 2009

TV Guide is currently doing their list of the Top 100 TV Episodes Of All Time. As of this writing, they have revealed everything but the top ten. Everyone is obviously going to be pulling for their favorite shows from over the years. I just thought I’d pick out some of my random favorites and discuss them and where they are ranked.
14. Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling. Oh yeah!! Loving that this episode got this high on the list. Yep, seen it multiple times and own the soundtrack. This was an amazingly written episode with so many songs coming out of it that are so catchy that they will remain in your head for a long time after watching it. This episode has inspired many reenactments across the world with fans performing the episode. When I went to a Buffy/Angel convention a few years ago, one of my main things to do during the weekend was to make sure that I watched the musical with a group. Many others felt that way as well as many people were watching it. That and the fact that it was playing on no telling how many TV’s in the dealers room. That left Robia LaMorte to give a funny one liner during her Q&A that said how her favorite episode was Once More With Feeling when she arrived but after seeing five thousand times, she questioned if she could just watch “Hush”. Ha ha. Once More With Feeling is my favorite Buffy episode easily!! Really having to fight the urge to not put this in the DVD player!!
15. The Cosby Show: Goodbye Mr. Fish. Classic Cosby episode!! Rudy’s pet fish passes away and a funeral is planned for it. All goes well with it until Rudy gets tired of the funeral during it and wants to do something else. The whole thing is capped off by Dr. Huxtable’s line of “we got dressed up for this!!”. Great stuff.
21. Friends: The One With The Embryos. This may be my favorite episode of Friends. Either this or the prom episode. It almost feels like the Phoebe stuff gets in the way during this episode which is greatly overshadowed by the trivia challenge with Chandler and Joey against Rachel and Monica with the apartment on the line. The questions and answers in this episode are great!! Warning to people playing me in Friends trivia, I am tough to beat when it comes to questions from this episode. Ha ha.
39. The Wonder Years: The Pilot. Come on, Kevin and Winnie. Enough said. Round one of these characters’ story.
56. How I Met Your Mother: Slap Bet. My favorite episode of How I Met Your Mother. I’ve hooked several people on this show just by having them watch this episode. Simple plot. Barney and Marshall make a bet on what Robin’s secret from her past is. The winner of the bet gets to slap the other one in the face as hard as they can. Things get even more entertaining when Lilly is made to be “slap bet commissioner”. This episode was so popular that the slap bet has been revisited several times. This episode also gave a song that you’ll be singing forever. Let’s Go To The Mall. Try and watch this episode and not have that in your head. Yeah, good luck with that!!
60. The Big Bang Theory: The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis. Wow, check out the still young in production, Big Bang Theory getting on the list. This is a fun episode that has Sheldon going crazy when Penny gets him a Christmas gift only for him to have to do his usual Sheldon thing of freaking out and evening things out with her. The payoff of this episode is HUGE in the last few minutes!!
76. Family Ties: The Real Thing Part Two. One of my favorite 80’s shows. Always loved this show!! I just wish it got more air time on TV in reruns. This is the episode that had Alex going to stop Ellen’s wedding.
78. Angel: I Will Remember You. Want a tearjerker of an episode from Joss Whedon? Here is your episode. Oh, I have a friend watching Buffy so I have to tell him now to skip ahead to the next paragraph!!! About to discuss some spoilers!!! Nothing to see here!! A human Angel gets to finally have his romance with Buffy. All is well….for a little while. You knew it couldn’t last and we get the moment at the end where it never happened and the memories of it are gone. Well, except for Angel. Buffy never has a memory of it. Great episode!!
81. Smallville: Rosetta. Christopher Reeve returns to the world of Superman and plays Dr. Swann. This is a huge episode of Smallville which helps Clark learn more about himself and his history. Seeing Christopher Reeve and Tom Welling together on screen was great!!
92. Party Of Five: The Intervention. This is the episode where EVERYONE stepped their acting game up!! This is an incredible episode!! The Sallingers confront Bailey on his drinking problem and it goes as bad as you would expect it to. Lots of yelling, hurt feelings, and a punch being thrown.
100. The Brady Bunch: The Subject Was Noses. The moment that has spawned so many spoofs from all over the entertainment world. Marcia gets nailed with a football in the nose leaving her screaming “oh my nose”. Come on, everyone has to know that Brady moment.
So, I’m waiting to see what the top ten is. Maybe I’ll discuss those next week. Can’t believe there has not been any Lost in this list so far. Surely it will appear in the top ten!! If you want to check out the list, here is a link to #20-11 and you can find the links to rest on that page:

TV Guide has a story on Brian Austin Green and Smallville. Check out the story here:

The CW has announced some start dates for shows in the fall. The season premiere of Smallville will be on Friday, September 25. I still don’t like the sound of FRIDAY. Grrr. 90210 and Melrose Place will premiere on Tuesday, September 8. One Tree Hill will now start at 7pm central time on Monday nights leading off the night followed by Gossip Girl as both start on September 14. Vampire Diaries will premiere on Thursday, September 10 along with the season premiere of Supernatural. America’s Next Top Model premieres on Wednesday, September 9. The CW’s new show, The Beautiful Life launches on Wednesday, September 16.

Likewise, ABC has announced premiere dates for their shows. Dancing With The Stars (September 21), Castle (September 21), Grey’s Anatomy (September 24), Flash Forward (September 24), Modern Family (September 23), Cougar Town (September 23), Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (September 27), Desperate Housewives (September 27), The Middle (September 30), Hank (September 30), The Forgotten (September 22), America’s Funniest Home Videos (October 4), Supernanny (October 16). And going with the move to Friday and late start theme, Ugly Betty will premiere on October 9. What is up with the networks and their moves to Friday nights along with late season starts? There are a few shows that have yet to get premiere dates.

If you’re going to Comic Con, start making your plans on what panels that you want to go to. There are a lot of great ones being added all the time. The panels were a ton of fun last year. My favorites included Smallville and the Dr. Horrible panels. Kristin over at E Online has a good listing of the announced dates and times so far which include Lost, The Big Bang Theory, Smallville, Chuck, Supernatural, and more.

The CMT Music Awards were held in Nashville earlier this week and here is the run down of the winners.
Video Of The Year: Taylor Swift for “Love Story”
Male Video Of The Year: Brad Paisley for “Waitin’ On A Woman”
Female Video Of The Year: Taylor Swift for “Love Story”
Group Video Of The Year: Rascal Flatts for “Every Day”
Duo Video Of The Year: Sugarland for “All I Want To Do”
Collaborative Video Of The Year: Brad Paisley and Keith Urban for “Start A Band”
USA Weekend Breakthrough Video Of The Year: Zac Brown Band for “Chicken Fried”
Wide Open Country Video Of The Year: Kid Rock for “All Summer Long”
CMT Performance Of The Year: Alan Jackson, George Strait, Brad Paisley, and Dierks Bentley for “Country Boy”
Director Of The Year: Trey Fanjoy
Nationwide Insurance On Your Side Award: Gloriana
Great to see the fan voting come in with a win for Gloriana!!

Quite a bit of talk this week about Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardi not being signed to a deal for the next season of American Idol. Will they be back? I tend to believe so but that is just my opinion. Having one of the three original judges not on the show would be bizarre. I would like to have Kara back as well. I enjoyed having her as a judge this season and thought she did well.

One week till Transformers!!

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. The Hangover - $32.7 million. 2. Up - $30.7 million. 3. The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3 - $23.3 million. 4. Night At The Museum - $9.6 million. 5. Land Of The Lost - $8.9 million. 6. Imagine That - $5.5 million. 7. Star Trek - $5.4 million. 8. Terminator Salvation - $4.7 million. 9. Angels & Demons - $4.1 million. 10. Drag Me To H*** - $3.9 million.

I figured that I would continue with my TV recommendations to help anyone that may be looking for something to watch in this summer of reruns. My next recommendation. Lost!! If you’ve never seen Lost and want to give it a shot, be prepared to get very addicted to this show. This is the most smartly written show on TV. It constantly is making you think on what could be happening. The show follows the story of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 on an island. The survivors soon learn that something is not normal about this island. They learn more about each other and we also learn more as well through flashbacks of the characters lives before they arrived on the island. Such a great group of characters and actors. Lost was my summer viewing show last year. I quickly got addicted and was thankful to not have to wait on new episodes and seasons like fans who were with it from the beginning. I can’t tell you how many times that I would think that I am just going to watch two episodes. Then, I had watched about eight by the end of the day. Ha ha. Crazy cliffhangers. Each episode ended with me saying “ok, I’ll just watch one more”. That continued for a while until I finally just had to call it a day. If you’ve never seen Lost, just watch it. It is incredible. The writing is amazing. The acting is amazing. The scenery is amazing. The bottom line is that the show is amazing. Make sure to watch it from the beginning too. You’ll enjoy it MUCH more. It is a show where you need to see it from the beginning.

The LA Lakers are NBA champions once again after defeating the Orlando Magic in the NBA Finals. Kobe’s first championship without Shaq and you know that this championship is a huge thing for him. This was the first time where the team was just truly his and not a two man team. I really expected Orlando to give them a tougher series especially after they defeated Boston and Cleveland. NBA Finals ratings were down from a year ago but I think that was to be expected. I say that because the history between the Lakers and Celtics was enough to drive viewers to tuning in last year.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, June 23. Monster Squad (Complete Collection), Reba (Season Six), Tom and Jerry (Chuck Jones Collection).

You Tube Video Of The Week: This is the Superman Celebration 2009 Fan Film contest winner called Villains Day Off.

Wishing all of you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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