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Lost 100th Episode, Chuck Season Finale, Heroes, Idol Final Four, & More - April 30, 2009

100 episodes of Lost and counting. This week’s episode answered more questions for us when Daniel Faraday returned. I loved that the episode focused on what we saw from the beginning of the season with Faraday talking about time traveling around Chang. How awesome was the explanation of his knowledge of the future of the hatch??!! He warned that a major energy release was about to happen when the drilling was going to go wrong. The future would have them having to concrete the place to hold that energy in and thus making them have to start the button pushing every 108 minutes to solve the problem from happening again. That would lead to the Oceanic crash when Desmond would fail to push the button. Faraday came up with the plan of trying to change that from ever happening by going to find the hydrogen bomb from the hostiles so it would be able to absorb the initial energy release. However, it all went wrong for Faraday when he ran into his mom, Eloise. Yep, his mom. He knew she was the only one that could help them out. However, his mom as her younger self in the 70’s shot him. As Faraday laid on the ground, he talked of how she knew this was going to happen all along but she sent him back to the island anyway. Other happenings on the show. Desmond was rushed to the hospital after his attack from Ben. Penny is fine. Eloise did pay a visit to Penny in the hospital saying that her son was responsible for what had happened to Desmond. Also, a big twist as Whidmore is apparently Daniel’s father!! Everything else broke loose with the Oceanic surivivors after Sawyer would have to explain the Dharma guy that he had tied up in the closet. The decision was made that nothing was going to be the same now and Sawyer and Juliet were set to return to the beach to start from square one and live in the jungle. Kate and Jack took off with Daniel to help him meet up with the hostiles which is where his mom was. It really is hard to recap this awesome show!! Interesting tidbit brought up once again by Faraday where he talked about changing the past. He brought up what had been said before and that they were still vulnerable themselves cause this is their present day. Not many new episodes left this season.

Allison against the guys continued on this week’s American Idol. Jamie Foxx served as the mentor and all five contestants were strong. Simon mentioned last night during the results show that he couldn’t remember there ever being five contestants all being good at that stage of the competition. Nobody was bad and he gave them major credit for it. Last night’s results show was a near shocker. Playing the role of Bo Bice this season was Adam Lambert. If you’ve been watching Idol for many years, you know that they always split the groups and make someone pick what group they think they are in. Bo refused to go in his season staying in the middle and most have followed since. I kept saying for Adam to sit down and not go anywhere refusing to play Idol’s funny reindeer games. He did pick a group and was wrong. The bottom three was Matt Giraud, Adam Lambert, and Kris Allen. Safe for the week was Allison Iraheta and Danny Gokey. Woo hoo. My two favorites are safe this week. Better yet, Allison avoids the bottom three for a change. Kris was sent back to safety leaving Adam and Matt in the bottom two. I was wondering if the big shocker was about to occur but it didn’t. Matt was sent home leaving us with a final four of Allison, Adam, Danny, and Kris. Should be a fun battle to the finish!!

Chuck has finished season two after its finale on Monday night. Hopefully, it is just for the season and not for good. That’s right NBC. Bring this show back!!!! Still no word on whether the show will remain or not. I will be so disappointed if the show isn’t back cause it is so good. This season was solid all around. The last several episodes had Chuck running into Orion who was the maker of the intersect. Sarah found his father so he could get him there for Ellie’s wedding. It turned out that his dad was Orion. The remainder of the season included such things as Chevy Chase playing an arch villain, the return of Jill, a battle over power at the Buy More, Chuck and Sarah finally having that big kiss that we have been waiting for, and Casey being his usual loose cannon self. Monday night’s finale had the final battle between Chuck and the gang against Ted Rourke. It also had the pre wedding performance of Jeffster as they performed Mr. Roboto. Ok, I just had to throw that in there cause that was hilarious. Bryce returned once again just as always when things are getting better with Chuck and Sarah. Those crazy writers teasing us with them getting together and always bringing Bryce back into the equation. Ha ha. Well, that won’t happen again after Bryce was taken out by some guys looking to take over the new intersect computer. I won’t go into great detail over it but basically Bryce told Chuck to destroy the computer. An intersect free Chuck then took the information of the new computer and downloaded it into himself. His dad had promised that it was a little different from the previous. You could say that!! Chuck then goes crazy taking out all the bad guys and then repsonds saying that he now knows kung fu. Great finish and I like the twist of Chuck now being able to defend himself instead of having to soley rely on Sarah and Casey. Ellie’s wedding. It finally happened. The first try at it was a disaster but Chuck used his agent pay to pay for a huge upgrade for her wedding. What a great season of Chuck and a fun finale. Don’t be dumb NBC. Bring this show back!!!

Tonight’s episode of Survivor. The drama between Sierra and Coach continued. It made for some good TV. Coach and Debbie talked about renewing the Timbira alliance. I found it funny that Coach was talking to Sierra about loyalty to the tribe after he had just tried to vote her out. Coach and Debbie later got called out by Sierra in front of everyone as Coach had tried to get two different plans going. One with Sierra and the other against her. Stephen and JT believed that Sierra had probably caught Coach in a lie. However, they thought she stirred up too much drama and that ranked over keeping her. Coach won immunity. He and Sierra battled once again at tribal council which was fun. However, Sierra got four votes and was voted off. Debbie got two votes and Stephen got an out of nowhere one vote. Way to go Sierra!! Stir it all up on the way out. Go out with a bang!! Loved it. It looks like the Survivor auction will return next week!!

The fourth volume of Heroes ended this week with the season finale. Solid finale that saw things changing up. We had the ultimate showdown in the room with Sylar taking on Peter and Nathan. It was epic and we didn't even see it but saw it from Claire's point of view. The finish of it had Nathan being killed viciously by Sylar. After much more shapeshifting from Sylar, he met his match when Peter picked up the same power. Instead of Sylar meeting up with the president, he met up with Peter who had shapeshifted into the president. The decision was made by Angela and Peter to have Parkman turn Sylar into Nathan. Angela's point of view was that if the world knew that a senator had been killed by someone with powers, they would for sure all be hunted down. So, Parkman turned Sylar into Nathan giving him all of his powers and personality while eliminating Sylar and Gabriel from his memories. Volume five began at the end of the episode. We saw Nathan and Angela having a conversation while Nathan looked at a clock noticing that it was a minute and a half behind. Angela had a look of worry on her face as I'm surely expecting that this transformation won't hold for long. We also saw that Ali Larter is back and has apparently thawed. She is now drowning people. What will happen with Hiro? He was not doing well at the last time that we saw him as he is bleeding every time he freezes time. Volume five, "Redemption" begins in the fall. My thoughts on the finale were good. It was fun to follow. I'm not disappointed with them killing Nathan's character off. That character has gotten really stale this season along with the fact that it really made no sense with what he was doing most of the time. Sylar as Nathan is an interesting idea but I wonder how they will play it all out and for how long. I have seen several fans pointing out how Claire could have healed Nathan with her blood. I'm sure that there is an argument against that so I'll let the fans debate on that one. I just have a hard time remembering stuff even week to week with this season cause the story has been all over the place. I've been critical of the show this season especially at the midway point but I've been happy with the last five or so episodes. I just hope the show can get back on track.

The season eight DVD packaging for Smallville has been released and I really like it. It features Tom Welling and Erica Durance on the cover with the Daily Planet logo in the background. Really cool cover. Here is the link if you want to check it out and also do a preorder on it:

Smallville was a new episode tonight. Chloe ran off with Davis despite attempts from everyone to convince her to do otherwise. Davis kidnapped both Jimmy and Oliver and had them in the basement while Chloe was gone. Clark made the save and took Davis to the fortress. Clark’s solution was to exile him to the phantom zone instead of killing him. He opened the portal but Chloe arrived closing the portal and taking Davis away. One of my thoughts watching last weeks episode was don't you just love Chloe's invincibility? She literally has a monster in the basement that she can let loose at any time. If someone even touches her, they're done. I'm thinking that it might not be a bad idea to have Chloe around if you are needing to get rid of some master villain cause then Doomsday gets involved.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Obsessed - $28.6 million. 2. 17 Again - $11.5 million. 3. Fighting - $11 million. 4. The Soloist - $9.7 million. 5. Earth - $8.8 million. 6. Monsters vs. Aliens - $8.5 million. 7. State Of Play - $6.8 million. 8. Hannah Montana The Movie - $6.4 million. 9. Fast & Furious - $6.2 million. 10. Crank High Voltage - $2.6 million.

Funny episode of How I Met Your Mother this week. The texting war went on between Ted against Marshall and Barney. Ted had met a girl and got her phone number. Barney enforced the three day rule which was that you don't call a girl until three days later. Barney and Marshall knew that Ted couldn't hold out three days so they sabotaged Ted. Ted decided to text message her and they took it over cause they thought Ted would do something dumb to ruin it. You may remember that he went too fast with Robin on the first date telling her that he thought he was falling in love with her. It turned into a game with Ted and Marshall seeing what they could get Ted to do or say in the text messages. Robin found out what they were doing and told Ted. Ted then got his revenge by messing with their minds. How did the date go when it happened? Well, she turned out to be what Ted had been supposedly texting her the whole time. Yeah, needless to say, she isn't the mother. ha ha. Fun episode.

If you're like me and are a fan of the show, Storm Chasers, you need to head over to Storm chasing season is underway and they are doing live video streaming of chases. I watched a little of the chasing last weekend. Every time that I log on, Reed hasn't been chasing but I've seen several of the other crews getting some cool video.

No one was eliminated on this leg of The Amazing Race this week. It was one of those trick deals where you see Phil and think you’re at the pit stop but he tells you that the race continues. Jaime and Cara were first at the line after an exhausting leg of the race and were told it wasn’t over. The battle between Jen & Kisha and Margie & Luke continued with them still not getting along. How brutal was that foot massage task? Wow, that looked horrible!! Jen had to battle her difficulties with water to continue on in the race. The last half of this leg of the race continues on Sunday night with the final four teams.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, May 5. Boston Legal (Season Five), Crusoe (Full series), Earth: Final Conflict (Season One), Gavin & Stacey (Season One), Jake and the Fatman (Season Two), Jon & Kate Plus Eight (Season Four: Volume One), Lipstick Jungle (Season Two), McLeod's Daughters (Season Eight), October Road (Season Two), That Girl (Season Five).

TV Lines Of The Week:
From Lost.
“You knew. You always knew this was going to happen. And you sent me here anyways.” Faraday to his mom Eloise.

From Survivor:
“I haven’t watched soap operas in so long so this is a boost.” Taj talking to Jeff during tribal council about the Coach/Sierra drama.

You Tube Video Of The Week: Regis and Kelly get a good morning greeting....over and over. If you haven't been watching their show lately, they are surprising their trivia call contest entrants by calling them live on the air. I have spoke about this lately but it has provided for some VERY funny moments. I'm so glad someone posted this one from a month ago as it was hilarious.

Wishing all of you a great and safe weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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