Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol - Adam vs. Kris - Tuesday Performance Show Recap and Thoughts - May 19, 2009

Champagne Launch Of BritWeek 2009Finale week on American Idol. Adam Lambert and Kris Allen performed tonight on Tuesday’s show with each doing three songs. The first song was a song of their own choosing. The second was a pick from Simon Fuller while the third was the new Idol single co-written by Kara DioGuardi. There was a coin toss to determine the order with Kris winning it and choosing to perform second. Adam performed one of his previous hit performances of the season, Mad World. The judges loved it although Simon wasn’t crazy about his outfit. That was the only complaint of it though. Kris picked Ain’t No Sunshine with Randy calling it one of his best performances of the season. Simon spoke up saying that he was wondering if America had got the decision right last week on putting Kris in the finale. After that performance, Simon said America was right. Simon gave round one to Kris. That brings us to round two and Simon Fuller. Fuller picked Change Is Gonna Come for Adam. Kara called it possibly the best interpretation of a song that Adam has done all season with Paula calling it the best that Adam has ever been. Fuller picked What’s Going On for Kris. The judges liked it but Simon felt it was too low tempo of a song for the finale. I can’t remember who Simon gave round two to but I’m fairly sure that it was Adam and I agree. That brings us to round three and the new Idol single co-written by Kara which is title “No Boundaries”. Most of the time I like the Idol finale singles as I liked the songs for Kelly, Carrie, Fantasia, and Jordin but this song just hasn’t warmed up to me yet. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it just isn’t the right singers singing it. I’m not sure that either singer really did well with it. Randy said that he wasn’t crazy about Adam’s performance of it while Kara was proud of him doing the song that she had helped write. It was clear that Simon didn’t like the song and refused to judge Adam on the song instead choosing to judge him on his overall season. All of them give him major credit for being one of the best performers ever on Idol. That brings us to Kris. I thought Kris did a better job of it but the judges agreed that the song was a little too high for him. They thought he did a good job of it and Simon pointed out how great it had been to watch Kris grow since his unconfident like audition. The judges judged him overall as well instead of just on the song. The show closed with Carrie Underwood performing this season’s farewell song, Home Sweet Home. What was up with them cutting out of it??!! So, Fox has run Idol over no telling how many times this season but end up cutting out of Carrie’s performance. I was annoyed wih that. Grr Fox. It’s a good thing that you renewed Dollhouse and got on my good side this week. ☺ Anyway, Carrie was amazing and I love her version of the song. I always like seeing the clips of the season playing in the background. Anyway, the finale is tomorrow night on Fox. SET YOUR DVR’S TO RUN OVER EVERYONE!!! This show will run over. Ryan Seacrest guaranteed it tonight and I can tell you for a fact that it runs over EVERY YEAR. Set your DVR to run over by at least 15 minutes but I’d go 30 minutes just to be safe!! Adam and Kris put on a show tonight and I really don’t know who is going to win tomorrow night. I think Adam is the safe bet but Kris may very well win this thing. It will be a very close vote. It will be great to see the Idol finalists back together and see what surprises will be in store for us. It will be a lot of fun!!!

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