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Lost, Dollhouse, Idol, Manufactured DVD's, Sweet Home Alabama, Smallville, & More - March 26, 2009

Hope all is great!! This week, I’ve got thoughts on Idol, Lost, Smallville, a great episode of Dollhouse, the latest trend of manufacture on demand with DVD’s, thoughts on Sweet Home Alabama, and more.

Motown week on American Idol this week with Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy being the mentors. Entertaining week of performances. My favorite in the competition is Allison Iraheta. I’ve liked her since early on and find myself cheering her on. Just an incredible voice for someone that age. She got rave reviews from the judges this week with Kara saying that you just can’t teach what she has adding that it sounded like she had been singing for 400 years. The only ones that really took major criticism from the judges were Megan Joy and Michael Sarver. Adam Lambert really shocked everyone this week and changed his look and performance style. Very impressive night for him. Scott MacIntyre got a middle ground vote on his performance with the guys not liking it and the girls liking it. Let’s just get right to the bottom of it. That would be the bottom three which was Matt Giraud, Michael Sarver, and Scott MacIntyre. Scott was sent back to safety meaning it was Matt and Michael in the bottom two. Going home tonight was Michael Sarver. Other notes from Idol this week. What was up with Paula and Simon this week??!! Ha ha. I also had to point out this tip to all of you awaiting judge repsonses. If Paula starts quietly with “you look beautiful”, here comes some criticism.

I liked tonight’s Smallville. Just a fun episode with a fun storyline. I think the show needs an episode like this every so often. The story focused on Zatanna who was the daughter of a magician. She granted the birthday girl, Chloe, a wish. Her wish turned out to be that she wanted to be Lois. Lois had that reporter dream job that she always wanted. So, the wish didn’t go quite as expected as Chloe ended up looking just like Lois. No, she didn’t take over her body like with what usually happens in these kind of storylines as the real Lois was out of town. We also saw other happenings like Chloe as Lois confronting Clark who then also lost knowledge of his abilities. Things of course all worked out. The ending of the episode had Chloe becoming secure with herself and ready to move on with her life. She is now back at watchtower status joining up with Oliver to watch over The Justice League.

What really needs to be said about this week’s Lost? What in the world is Sayid shooting young Ben going to do to current day for the Oceanic survivors??!!!! Unreal!! I figured that was likely to happen but how is it going to effect everything? One of my thoughts was that I don’t think Jacob would save Ben. Jacob has been very angry with Ben which was evidenced by him telling Locke that Ben wasn’t asked to move the island and that was the reason for the unstable time travel island issues. Would Jacob save young Ben to keep things intact on the island? I don’t think that Jacob would save him but that is my opinion. If Ben is gone that early on, that obviously changes the island dramatically!! No Dharma Initiative being wiped out. No…..ahh, forget it. Lots of things would be messed up!! How is this all going to be explained??!! I can’t wait to find out!!

Speaking of Lost, I’ve been watching some of the season one/two episodes on Sci-Fi that air late at night. I loved watching that season one finale again and how we saw everyone’s journey on getting on the plane in the airport that day. They also had the incredible music playing in the background to set the mood as the plane was set to take off. Just incredible even after having seen it before!! Fun to see Desmond’s debut on the show in the season two opener and the bizarre opening to that season with him in his daily routine as the music played. What I also love about Lost is that it is still fun to watch over and over. We sure have come a long way on this show with the story.

I watched the movie, Sweet Home Alabama, earlier this week. I've been meaning to watch this forever but now just got around to it. Yeah, I said I was bad about taking time to watch movies cause I have so many TV shows to keep up with. I'm a big Reese Witherspoon fan and she is one of my favorite actresses. She was really good in this movie. I really liked how this movie was different from others as far as how they presented both guys to the audience. Usually, you have one of them that is good and the other is just completely wrong. I found myself watching it changing my mind several times on who she should end up with. The basic idea of the movie is that Melanie has moved out of her home state of Alabama and is living in New York City. She is in a relationship with Andrew, who is the mayor's son. However, she still has a major tie to home in Alabama. That tie is her husband, Jake, who she has been trying to divorce for a long time now. Fun movie. Good cast. Really liked it.

I mentioned this last week with season four of Charles In Charge but this manufacturing on demand is picking up steam. Warner Brothers announced that they will be opening up their film vault with movies to buy that have never been released. The reason that they were never released was because they felt that they wouldn't sell enough to make a profit on them. Now, they can produce them even with the demand and it won't cost them as much as it would if they released them without many sales. You can check out the titles available at which will cost $19.95 a piece. I think this will be a great thing all around especially if others follow suit. I'm hoping that Warner Brothers will also do this with TV shows. There are a lot of WB shows that have yet to be released that I'm hoping we'll now see in this format. They can produce the DVD's as they are ordered and fans are pleased without it costing the studios a fortune and not making their money back. There have been several shows that I am a fan of that have only had one season released. Other seasons were not released because of sales not being strong enough on the initial release. Will this make other seasons of Growing Pains becoming available in this format? Step By Step? Yeah, I could go on and on with the sitcoms that I love and I'm of course just speculating. The possibilities really are endless with what you can do in this kind of a produce with the demand type format. The winners will be us as fans. Amazon has been doing this with TV shows as of late making them exclusive to their site. Season four of Charles In Charge was released this week and it will be produced as people order it. Of course, those are DVD-R's of Charles In Charge while Warner Brothers appears to be doing regular DVD's with their stuff.

What a great episode of Dollhouse on Friday night. Yep, that sixth episode was a major payoff and we are now seeing where the show is going to go. Ballard was face to face with Echo after trying to track her down. They had a really nice fight and she was sent to him by Adelle wanting to get Ballard off of the case. Ballard then got more information than he planned on when Echo was secretly programmed to tell him all about the dollhouse. Anyone else bummed when it looked like Ballard's neighbor, Mellie, was about to get taken out? All I was thinking was why Joss why? ha ha. Why do you always have to toy with our emotions of these sweetheart female characters getting killed off? We always get our emotions messed with on these characters over the years in the Whedonverse. However, there were much bigger things going on when she got the command from her boss showing that she is in the dollhouse as well. I didn't see that coming!!!!! I cheered at that twist. I liked the comedy of Echo being programmed to be the wife for the mogul played by Patton Oswalt from King Of Queens. I thought they played off of each other really well. That was actually the first time that Echo and Ballard were face to face as he busted in on them still continuing to track the leads on the dollhouse. Nice twist as well about who Sierra's attacker has been. Great episode. Loved it!!

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Knowing - $24.6 million. 2. I Love You, Man - $17.8 million. 3. Duplicity - $13.9 million. 4. Race To Witch Mountain - $12.7 million. 5. Watchmen - $6.8 million. 6. The Last House On The Left - $5.7 million. 7. Taken - $4 million. 8. Slumdog Millionaire - $2.6 million. 9. Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail - $2.5 million. 10. Coraline - $2.1 million.

This week's Heroes was definitely the most that I've enjoyed an episode in several weeks. Two characters are now gone as Tracy and Daphne are both gone. We also found out the identity of "Rebel" who is Noah. Tracy sacrificed herself to help save Noah as the government was hot on their trail trying to find out the identity of "Rebel". Daphne was unable to recover from her injuries and I really liked the sendoff that she got with Parkman getting in her head and being able to say goodbye to her. Hiro now has his powers back (well, not all of them) after his encounter with Baby Parkman who has the power of touch. They are now protecting the baby after the officers showed up while Parkman's ex led the officers away. I just have not been crazy about this season at all but I enjoyed this episode.

The season premiere of My Boys is almost here!! Season three premieres on Tuesday night, March 31, on TBS at 9:30pm central time. I have enjoyed this show from the first episode. Just a fun and cleverly written show.

Bones meets Family Guy? That is the plan for the May 7th episode of Bones. The idea is that David Boreanaz's character, Booth is going to be suffering from some sort of medical issue which will make him see hallucinations of Family Guy's Stewie.

This week’s Amazing Race had Christie and Jodi trying to come back from last place and attempting to overcome having to complete the speed bump. They actually left the detour in sixth place ahead of Mark and Michael. Mark and Michael were able to get ahead of them and make it to the finish line ahead of them. Eliminated were Christie and Jodi. Here are the standings at this pit stop. 1. Tammy and Victor. 2. Mel and Mike. 3. Kisha and Jen. 4. Margie and Luke. 5. Jaime and Cara. 6. Mark and Michael. 7. Christie and Jodi (Eliminated).

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, March 31. California Dreams (Season One and Two), The Fugitive (Season Two - Volume Two), Hannah Montana (Volume Five), Hope and Faith (Season One), In Plain Sight (Season One), The IT Crowd (Season One), Urban Legends (Season One), Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (Season Four - Volume One).

TV Line Of The Week: From Live With Regis and Kelly.
Regis and Kelly surprising their trivia caller with a phone call and asking her what she does for a living. Hilarious answer especially with the delivery of it.
“What do you do?” - Regis and Kelly
“Nothing” – Trivia Caller.

You Tube Video Of The Week: Remember Punchout on the old Nintendo? A new version is coming to the Nintendo Wii!! Such memories with this game!! Here is the trailer for the game to check it out. Go ahead. Relive your childhood memories.

That is all I have for you this week. Take care and God bless!!

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