Sunday, December 14, 2008

And The Winner Of Survivor Gabon Is......

"Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden" Finale And Reunion - Show
The Survivor Gabon finale is done and it was a wild finish to a wild season. The episode almost had what would have been a complete stunner for a winner. Going into this episode, we had a final five of Matty, Bob, Sugar, Susie, and Kenny. The plan was to either vote out Kenny or Susie after the first immunity challenge. Bob won yet another immunity challenge. Kenny was working things continuing to push about his not getting the immunity given to him by Bob while Kenny was also aligning with Sugar. The decision was made to vote out Kenny seeing him as a bigger threat over Susie. So, Kenny is voted out leaving the final four. We got the usual remembering moment of the other cast members as the final four went to their last challenge. I always think that is a cool thing to do and you can show off the scenery more with that. The immunity challenge had them having to build a house of cards that reached ten foot tall. However, there was a time limit of thirty minutes. If the time limit was reached, the person with the highest stack would win immunity. I would be so terrible at this challenge was all I could think. Ha ha. Actually, who knows? I might be pretty decent at balancing stuff like that. I was wondering if anyone was going to take my strategy that I had while watching it. If the time limit was getting close and I was in the lead, I’d just stay where I was until some others caught up to me. Susie had that strategy as well which I thought was smart. Bob struggled throughout. Sugar and Matty were right in there with Susie. Sugar’s house fell late in the time limit. Matty was not able to catch up to Susie either and Susie won immunity. She was getting concerned wondering whether to keep building or to just stay where she was. This messed everything up for the other three as the plan had been to vote out Susie. Susie started rubbing people wrong with her comments of how shocked that she was to win. Bob was seemingly gone as they didn’t want to go against him in the end game. However, a plan was done to have a tie vote letting Bob and Matty go at it in a last challenge. That tribal council had Bob taking on Matty in a fire building challenge. Anyone have a flashback of watching the girls unable to get any kind of fire going on the Cook Islands finale? Ha ha. Bob was able to get a strong fire going and won the challenge putting him in the final three. When Bob won that challenge, I said immediately that he had just won the million dollars with that win. Later on, I wasn’t feeling so secure about my comment when I thought the jury vote wasn’t as secure as I thought. The final three tribal council of Bob, Sugar, and Susie took place. The jury questioning was one of the harshest that I’ve seen over the run of the series. It was so harsh that I actually felt uncomfortable at times watching it. I’m not going to spend much time on Corinne but her comment to Sugar ranks right up there as the most classless thing that I’ve heard in jury questioning. I get that your feelings are charged up when it comes to the jury stuff but there was no reason to get that personal. Just a low, low shot. This is also where I also throw in the usual “it’s a game” comment. I never like personal stuff being brought into a game and this was the worst that I’ve heard on Survivor. She got a lot of boos on the reunion show which I’m sure was fueled over what she said on the jury. Kenny’s questioning had me thinking two different feelings. One was that I was annoyed that he was still mad over not being given immunity. Bob’s answer was perfect with him just pointing out once again that Kenny was turning on him. The second feeling was that I felt bad for him after he talked of how hurt he was over Sugar turning on him. I was surprised that Matty was as angry as he seemed to be. Randy was what I thought it would be. I thought everyone did pretty well with answering questions. Sugar didn’t back down which she couldn’t really do anyway cause she knew she had made a lot of enemies on the jury. Bob had more critics on the jury than I expected. I figured that Susie would take a lot of criticism from the jury and did take quite a bit. The voting goes very different than what I thought. Earlier in the day, I had made a prediction of a Bob, Sugar, Susie finish ranking from 1st to 3rd. I figured that they would take Susie to the final to have a better chance at the million with them seeing her as a weaker player. However, things went very different. Susie and Bob had three votes a piece going into the last vote!! I was stunned as was everyone there including Jeff Probst. The last vote goes to Bob and he wins the million dollars. Sugar doesn’t get one vote which did surprise me. She made a lot of huge moves in this game and deserved to at least finish second. I was wanting to see Sugar get that last vote to find out the question I’ve always wanted to know. What happens if there is a tie vote? I’ve never heard what the answer is to that. Randy was one of the votes for Bob and appeared to be the wild card vote.

The reunion show showed that there were still a lot of hurt feelings over stuff that had happened. Randy was talked to by Jeff over his antics on the show. The crowd seemed to really like Randy although they booed Corinnne heavily. I said early on this season that I liked Randy on the show cause he was a good personality for it. You need someone to stir things up. The stuff with Crystal was funny where she talked about getting calls from her other Olympic gold medal friends questioning her on how bad she was physically on the show in competitions. Everyone did get asked a question which is something that I always pay attention to cause I feel bad for the cast members that don’t get asked much. Funny stuff with Kenny where he said that his downfall was that he got too arrogant in the game. I did agree with this as I thought Kenny was a very good player this season but he just got too big of a head at the end. It can happen for sure in this game. The fan vote was revealed with who won the $100,000. Bob added to his winning money getting the most votes. Second place went to Sugar followed by Matty in third place.

What a wild season this was!! This was one of the most unpredictable seasons ever of Survivor. This season provided some of the most memorable moments ever with a lot of great and different personalities. Sugar has become one of my favorite Survivor cast members ever. Just a very strong season overall and a very fun finale. This season definitely kept you guessing. Looking forward to the next season already. So, there you go. My thoughts on the Survivor Gabon finale. Take care and God bless!!

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