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The Entertainment Wrap Up - November 27, 2008 - Back To The Future DVD's, DVR's, Chuck, & More

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you’re having a great one!!

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Twilight - $69.6 million. 2. Quantum Of Solace - $26.7 million. 3. Bolt - $26.2 million. 4. Madagascar Escape 2 Africa - $15.6 million. 5. Role Models - $7.3 million. 6. Changeling - $2.6 million. 7. High School Musical 3 - $2 million. 8. The Boy In The Striped Pajamas - $1.64 million. 9. Zack and Miri - $1.6 million. 10. The Secret Life Of Bees - $1.2 million. is reporting that Universal Studios Home Entertainment is set to re-release the Back To The Future trilogy on DVD. This will be a different release from the previous one as there will be some new things featured along with what was included on the previous release as well. New features include: Back To The Future – The Ride (self explanatory there), Looking Back To The Future (9 part retrospective documentary made by fans on the site), Back To The Future Night (NBC special that aired before the release of Back To The Future 2), and Michael J. Fox Q&A (this was in the original release but formatted different in the new release). Yeah, I’m going to be double dipping on this DVD. I also never traded in my discs on the previous release. If you aren’t familiar with it, Part 2 and 3 were sized up wrong in the widescreen format. Universal made good on it by letting fans send in their discs for replacements which were sized right. I never did send mine in so getting this re-release will solve that problem. I’ve also been wanting to check out that Looking Back To The Future documentary so that is a great addition to the set. The bummer with that is that it is apparently only the documentary on the first film and doesn’t include the other two movies. I should point out that they are releasing them individually which is different from the previous release where you could only buy the movies as a set. To the disappointment of many, there is nothing on this being a Blu-ray release as well. Fans will have to wait on that for later down the line. The release date for the new Back To The Future DVD set will be on February 10, 2009.

Continuing with Back To The Future, the movie will have a tie to the December 8th episode of Chuck entitled Chuck vs. The Delorean. Seeing a picture already released of Chuck standing next to a Delorean is all that I need to see to get me excited for this episode.

I loved the multi-episode story on Chuck involving his ex-girlfriend, Jill. Lots of good twists on this story. Jill broke Chuck’s heart in college and ended up with Bryce. She came back into Chuck’s life and we had the very fun triangle story of Chuck, Jill, and Sarah. Chuck and Jill were seemingly on their way back together and she found out that he was a spy. However, then he learned that she was a spy. This week’s episode had Chuck trying to protect both of the women that he loved with Sarah and Jill being in danger. Chuck was going to help Jill escape until Jill was set to try and take Sarah out. That was the ending point for Chuck and she was taken into custody. Chuck has been REALLY good this season.

If you didn’t know, Survivor was a recap episode tonight so I haven’t actually watched it yet. Still laughing at the tribal council from last week. Sugar rocks!! Ha ha.

Another eclipse on Heroes resulted in opposite effects. Everyone’s powers were gone leaving them vulnerable. We had the fight between the duos of Elle and Sylar against Claire and Noah. Claire took the bullet for her dad when the gunshot rang out but they didn’t realize till later that her ability to heal was gone. Now, Claire is in bad shape while Sylar and Elle are reeling from the fight. Parkman went with Hiro and Ando to Kansas to catch up with Daphne who had taken off to go home. We learned why she didn’t want to see Parkman upon arriving home. Losing her ability sent her back to having to walk with crutches and leg braces. Wow, what a story twist there!! Nathan and Peter’s flight stopped immediately upon the eclipse and they ended up meeting with the Haitian. Things weren’t looking so good for them by the end with plenty of mistrust between the two.

Nick and Starr were able to overcome their troubles with cab drivers to avoid last place on this week’s Amazing Race. They started the leg in first place followed by Toni and Dallas. The teams were all evened up at the airport. Dan and Andrew were still in trouble over leaving their shoes on the last task. They spent money at the airport to get new shoes but the bill was strong enough to hurt them later in this leg of the race. Dan and Andrew also had a tough time with the task in deciding whether to march or deal with the food. After a brutal road block that required carrying 50 sacks of flour, Toni and Dallas finished in first place on this leg. Nick and Starr eventually switched cab drivers which put them way behind when they couldn’t find another cab. Ken and Tina had a relatively quiet leg of the race finishing in second place. Dan and Andrew ran into trouble when they expectedly ran out of money and were unable to pay their cab driver when they got to the pit stop. The driver finally accepted all of the money that they were able to give. However, Nick and Starr were able to overcome their cab troubles and finish in third place. In fourth and last was Dan and Andrew. Good news for them as this was non elimination but now they face a speed bump in the next leg. Here are the results again going into the next episode: 1st – Toni and Dallas. 2nd – Ken and Tina. 3rd – Nick and Starr. 4th – Dan and Andrew.

As expected, DVR ratings are having a major effect on primetime TV this season. I read an article this week that talked about how shows in the 9pm central time slot in primetime are now getting hurt. The reason? People are coming home and watching their shows recorded on their DVR from earlier in the night instead of watching live TV. Some of the shows that are still getting higher viewers due to DVR’s include The Office, Fringe, Heroes, 90210, and Grey’s Anatomy. The CW is said to have 17% of their primetime viewing coming from DVR viewers. 90210 was said to have had a week where the viewers increased 79% with women 18-34 by DVR over the live broadcast. It is really getting hard to figure out the size of an audience for TV shows because people are watching in so many different ways. You have to account for live viewing, DVR’s, and streaming video. People are very much taking advantage of streaming video as well including Hulu and network streaming sites. Speaking for me, I do a lot of delayed viewing giving me stuff to watch later in the week. There are several shows that I do watch live though. The current way of doing ratings is very outdated and there needs to be a new way implemented.

Even with having one of the worst wing men ever, Leonard was able to move his Facebook status to “in a relationship” on this week’s Big Bang Theory. Well, actually he didn’t change the status as Sheldon was the one that did it. That led to the other side changing her relationship status as well pointing out that she was in a relationship with Leonard. Leonard having to work around Sheldon’s involvement was very funny. I love the interaction between Sheldon and Penny. The facial expressions that she gives Sheldon are priceless!!

I’ve watched a few episodes of tonight’s Friends Thanksgiving marathon on TBS. It has been a while since I’ve seen some of these so it was fun to have this on in the background while I type up this Wrap Up.

The Rick Roll on the The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this morning was very funny!! This has brought Rick Astley back into pop culture for sure.

Brea Grant, who plays Daphne on Heroes, is now doing her own UStream show. I always love when people take the time to do stuff like this for fans. Brea has been a great addition to Heroes this season. I checked out the show and it was fun to watch. I obviously love that she is a Joss Whedon fan too. I would love to see her involved with a Whedon project down the line!! Check it out at this link where she answers fan questions.

Candace Cameron Bure is back on TV starring in a new Christmas movie with Tom Arnold called Moonlight and Mistletoe. The story of the movie has Tom Arnold playing the role of Nick Crosby. Crosby owns the town’s Christmas attraction, Santaville, and is also the head Santa. Money troubles begin to take over threatening to put him out of business. Candace plays the role of Crosby’s daughter, Holly. She works on coming up with a solution to help her day keep his business open. The movie premieres on Saturday, November 29th at 8pm central time on The Hallmark Channel. It will air again after that of course so check your listings for other movie times. It sounds like a fun Christmas movie to check out. Here is a link to check out more info on the movie:

The winner of this season’s American Idol, David Cook, debuted at number three on the Billboard charts. The total sold was 279,578 which has him topping Jordin Sparks debut by quite a bit. In front of Cook on the week’s CD charts was Beyonce’s new CD in the number one spot followed by Nickelback’s new CD.

Classic 80’s TV alert. My Two Dads is on its way to DVD as the first season will be released on March 3rd. I used to love that show. It’s been so long since I’ve seen it that it would be interesting to see if I still liked it.

Kevin McKidd answered questions on AOL recently. He was asked about what would have happened on Journeyman if the show had not been canceled. This was his response: “[The creator] Kevin Falls told me ... that each episode was a procedural story where [my character, Dan Vassar] would help that person and get them back on track. All those people that he helps ... have to be in that position that Dan gets them into for his son. It's not about Dan. This is about Zack, Dan's son, who has some kind of special power. Whatever it is that's controlling this needs all of these people to be in a certain position or alignment for Zack, [so that] when he comes of age, his power erupts ... It was all about getting his son to the place that these people could help him achieve this power and help the world.”

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, December 2nd. Jake and the Fatman (Season One – Volume Two), Law & Order (Sixth Year), Perry Mason (Season Three – Volume Two), Saturday Night Live (Season Four).

TV Line Of The Week: From How I Met Your Mother.
“Naked Man”. This is the line used over and over on this week’s episode. Very funny!!

You Tube Video Of The Week: Incredible meteor landing from Canada last week. Someone go check and see if there is a baby Kal-El somewhere nearby.

Wishing all of you a safe weekend. If you’re getting out and doing the big shopping thing tomorrow, be careful and I hope you get a TON of great bargains. Take care and God bless!!

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