Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Women of Country - Lindsay Ell

Continuing on with the Women of Country theme. Let's talk Lindsay Ell. Back in 2015, I was roaming around CMA Fest doing the hurry and walk fast to show after show. LOL. The normal with CMA Fest. I got to the park stage and I stopped there for a few minutes. Really enjoyed the atmosphere there. I checked the CMA Fest schedule to see who was next on the lineup. I see the name Lindsay Ell. I've heard of Lindsay Ell. I'm going to stick here and check her out. Lindsay walked out on stage and put on a big show. By the end of her performance, she had made a fan. I've kept up with her ever since and become a bigger and bigger fan. I saw her last year once again at CMA Fest performing in the same place so that was a cool retro moment. The previous time I had only ever heard of her. Last year, I am planning my CMA Fest day making sure I get over there to see her. Love how that works out. Lindsay recently released her album "The Project". This is one I was looking forward to getting. I am still kicking myself that I didn't preorder that thing on her website and get the autographed poster cause that would look really awesome on my wall! But that is beside the point. LOL. What can you do?! Kick yourself and move on. This album is just great from start to finish. "Waiting On You" was the lead single off the album. "Criminal" which is my personal favorite on the album is already picking up steam on radio. The album was "worth the wait". See what I did there with another song title. LOL. Get this album now. I have absolutely loved it. If you aren't following her on Instagram, you're missing a treat. Lot of fun and she is really interactive with fans. She is on tour and she WORKS HARD. So much of her Instagram is traveling. I don't know how she does it. She loves what she does. That is how she does it! Head over to her website at to see her tour dates. I can't wait to see her career grow and grow more. Lindsay is going to be doing great things for many years to come!

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