Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Women of Country - Danielle Bradbery

It is a good time right now for myself to be a music fan. The last few months have been awesome with so many music releases from my favorite singers. I wanted to cover some of them over the next posts to come. I'm so excited about this current group of ladies and I want them to keep breaking down those doors in Nashville. Keep breaking those barriers. Break through! There is so much talent on the female side of country music and I'm thrilled to see so much new music from many favorites of mine. So, let's start with Danielle Bradbery. She recently released her new album "I Don't Believe We Have Met". Awesome album. Just awesome! Super talented singer. I've gotten to meet Danielle at her CMA Fest meet and greets a couple of times. Really hoping that we get a show from her at one of the many stages at CMA Fest this summer. Her new songs are great. "Sway" was of course the first single off the album. A fun catchy anthem that you just have fun listening to every time. Some of my favorites off the album are "Potential", "Human Diary", "Can't Stay Mad", and my personal favorite "Worth It". There was a lot of buzz on several of these songs in the months leading up to the album release from fans at shows hyping the new music. The hype was real. If you haven't picked up Danielle's new album, go for it. Love it! Here is "Worth It" from Danielle Bradbery.

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