Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Amazing Race 30 Crowns Its Winners

Last night's Amazing Race finale was an edge of your seat episode. The two hour episode started with the final four teams which ended up being one of the toughest leg of races that I can remember. That trend continued into the final leg with the final three teams. I have such huge respect for all the teams in this finale as they competed as hard as they possibly could trying to win this race. One of this included something that wowed me with Henry and Evan overcoming a speed bump task and still finishing first on that leg of the race. That is really incredible to overcome just to stay in the race much less to finish first on the same leg of the race. The final three teams of Jessica & Cody, Jen & Kristi, and Henry & Evan went right down to the wire to try to win. In the end, it was Team Big Brother of Jess and Cody who pulled out the incredible win. Congratulations to them and to all the teams on an incredible finish to the race! I said this on Twitter but I loved watching Jen's reactions to happenings on the race. Her "I love this" reactions to seeing the incredible sights was the reaction that all of us would have seeing locations and doing fun things that a lot of us will never get to see or do. She was the "all of us" reaction of wide eyed. I thought one thing that was so interesting was just how everything balanced out as far as strengths and weaknesses among teams. You might have one team get behind when a task doesn't play to a strength while the other teams get ahead. The next task would often be a strength for the team that was behind. Just really fun to see how everyone competed and fought through these tasks. It was a great season and I was glued watching it! Here is the finish line moment from last night's Amazing Race finale! Thank you to all of the teams, Phil, and all the amazing crew for a great season!

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