Monday, May 20, 2013

Worship Music Monday - Looking At Songs by MercyMe, Kari Jobe, Brandon Heath, Chris Tomlin, and Sidewalk Prophets

Welcome back to Worship Music Monday.  Today is going to be a look at five more favorite worship songs of mine.  Definitely give these songs a listen.

"Move" by MercyMe.  This is one of those great anthems that will get you up and motivated fast.  The lyrics say it all.  "I'm not about to give up because I heard you say there's going to be brighter days".  Everyone has those days where the world just feels like it is piling on you but you can rest assured that things will get better.  This is one that I will turn up when I hear it on the radio.

"Steady My Heart" by Kari Jobe.  I really enjoy Kari Jobe's music and am hoping to listen to her album soon.  Kari has a video where she talks about the story behind this song which is posted just below this.  The song goes along with wondering why life has to be so hard sometimes.  Even when it's hard, God is still right there riding along through it.  She mentioned this scripture as well that is excellent with this song of Psalm 55:22 which is "cast your burden on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be moved".  Great scripture and a definite favorite song of mine.

"Jesus In Disquise" by Brandon Heath.  Love this song.  It has such a great mystery to it.  Hence the title.  The song focuses on how Jesus can come to all of us in so many ways.  Ways that we just would not expect.  It can be in so many forms and not in the most obvious ways.  You can click on this video to hear Brandon's story of how this song came about.

"I Will Rise" by Chris Tomlin.  This is one of my all time favorite worship songs.  Just the start of it hearing that piano will give me a chill.  The song starts building throughout and then the chorus at the end just brings the house down.  The whole song feels like this amazing climax as it just builds and builds to that chorus.  An amazing song. 

"Help Me Find It" by Sidewalk Prophets.  This is such an inspirational song.  That road that you're on and trying to find where you are supposed to go.  Praying for a direction.  In that waiting game.  This song is definitely a theme song for that kind of thing.

That is for today's Worship Music Monday.  Have a great rest of the day! Take care and God bless!!

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