Monday, April 22, 2013

Worship Music Monday - Meredith Andrews - Worth It All - April 22, 2013

Welcome to a new feature on the website.  Worship Music Monday.  Every Monday I hope to have something on the site focused on the topic whether it is an album review, concert news, or whatever else that comes up.

First up for Worship Music Monday is a review of Meredith Andrews new album.
Meredith Andrews recently released her third album, “Worth It All”.  I became a fan of Meredith’s several years ago upon hearing her first album.  I was listening to the one of the Christian radio stations just hoping to hear something that really just grabbed me.  They played Meredith Andrews and I immediately went to the computer looking to see if she had a website where I could hear more of her music.  That followed by hearing the perfect song of hers that almost felt written for me.  That was a “that’s God” moment.  Needless to say, I went shopping the next day with one goal in mind and that was coming home with that album.  LOL.  I have gotten the pleasure of seeing her in concert on one occasion and getting to meet her as well.  Her first single off the album “Not For A Moment” has been a mainstay on K-Love Radio since its release.  The song focuses on how when you’re going through those tough times that you are not alone.  God is right there with you.  He will not leave you, nor forsake you.  He is always there and is that constant in life.  The song has already brought forth so many testimonies among listeners of it.  Meredith is originally from North Carolina and started singing in church at the age of six.  She is now a resident of Chicago where she leads worship at Harvest Bible Church.  She and her husband recently welcomed their second child.  Her second album, “As Long As It Takes” was named Worship Album of the Year at the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Awards.  The album wasn’t the only winner as her song, “How Great Is The Love” was given an award for “Worship Song Of The Year”.

The new album will hook you right from the beginning with “Open Up The Heaven” which has such a great world anthem sound to it.  It will get you fired up as the album starts.  When you listen to her music, she has such a great mix of uptempo and slow songs.  Just feels like praise music and it would make sense that she is a worship leader. :)  My favorite song on the album is probably “Pieces”.  It just has such a great message to it about how God can take all of our pieces and make them for good.  “He can make your pieces fit” is the lyric in the song and God has a purpose for everyone’s life.  “The Gospel Changes Everything” is a huge worship song with the title saying it all.  The word is what can change the world.  When I listen to her music, I just see this image of her on stage singing with a church full of people raising their hands.  When I see videos of her online, that image comes true.  LOL.  She does a great job as worship leader and she is a very talented singer.  I am looking forward to a lot more music out of Meredith Andrews. 

Favorite Songs: Not For A Moment, Open Up The Heavens, Pieces, Strong God, Start With Me, Worth It All, The Gospel Changes Everything.

You can check out more on Meredith Andrews at her website: You can also follow her on Twitter @MereMusic  
That is it for today.  Take care and God bless!!

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